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Draft—Not for Quotation or Citation Without the Permission of the Author Entrepreneurship Franco Amatori 1. An elusive phenomenon Entrepreneurship is an issue that has dominated public attention quite a bit over the past two decades.


_____Entrepreneurship.doc/August 2004 1 Entrepreneurship (Limited to items published after 1994) Compilation date: August 2004 This bibliography is a selective listing of works held by the MBS Library.

The Entrepreneurial Process (I)

Hisrich, PhD, Robert D., Michael P. Peters, PhD and Dean A. Shepherd, PhD. Entrepreneurship. 6 ed. New York: McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2005. ...

Future Research Topics in Social Entrepreneurship - FINAL

1 Future Research Topics in Social Entrepreneurship: A Content-Analytic Approach David Gras Syracuse University Martin J. Whitman School of Management

Corporate Entrepreneurship: a Strategic and Structural ...

International Council for Small Business ICSB 2002-001 47 th World Conference San Juan, Puerto Rico June 16-19, 2002 Corporate Entrepreneurship: a Strategic and Structural Perspective Dr. Joao Ferreira Abstract Recently there has been a growing interest in the use of corporate entrepreneurship ...


A. Description of the issue Entrepreneurship is the key driving force behind economic growth and innovation around the world. Entrepreneurs have the ability to turn new ideas into breakthrough solutions while creating employment and spreading prosperity.


ENTREPRENEURSHIP: CONCEPT AND DEFINITION Shri Achintya Kr. Baruah, M.Com Associate Faculty Member Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship (Ministry of Industry, Department of SSI & ARI) Government of India Basisthat Chariali, Lalmati, 37, N.H. Bypass, Guwahati - 781029 ENTREPRENEURSHIP • A theory ...

Unit Title: Entrepreneurship

021887 Unit Title: Entrepreneurship Unit Code: ESHIP Level: 5 Learning Hours: 160 Learning Outcomes and Indicative Content: Candidates will be able to: 1.

Syllabus: Entrepreneurship (MBA/EWMBA 295A-2)

Fuchs/Star/Zafar Rev 3.1 Syllabus: Entrepreneurship (MBA/EWMBA 295A-2) Instructors: Jack Fuchs & Naeem Zafar Spring 2009 Classroom: C220 Monday 6-9:30 pm Purpose of the Course This course is about how to create an entrepreneurial business.

Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurship Development Background A worldwide consensus on the critical role of competitive markets and entrepreneurs in economic development has emerged in the last decade.