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Smallpox and its Eradication

Chapter 11. Smallpox vaccine and vaccination in the Intensified Smallpox Eradication Programme 539 Chapter 12. South America 593 Chapter 13.

Global eradication of poliomyelitis

Report of the third meeting of the Global Commission for the certification of the eradication of polio, Geneva, 9 July 1998

For information only

For information only 49th Session of the Commission for Social Development United Nations Headquarters, New York, 9 - 18 February 2011 PRIORITY THEME: POVERTY ERADICATION Background Note * In its resolution 2010/10 of 22 July 2010, the Economic and Social Council decided that the priority theme ...

Case 1: Eradicating Smallpox

Eradication means permanently reducing the number of new infections worldwide to zero, with interventions no longer needed.) Few human ailments meet the six preconditions for disease eradication: ...

cover -Rat Eradication-South Georgia

Rat Eradication - South Georgia An assessment of the feasibility of eradicating Norway rats from South Georgia Island Prepared by: Sally Poncet Ian McFadden Andy Cox DECEMBER 2002 Published by Department of Conservation PO Box 743 Invercargill, New Zealand

Fundamental changes ahead

country back on to the path to eradication: • Extra technical expertise deployed to the country: seven international consultants and 16 STOP team-members.

citrus canker environmental assessment

Citrus Canker Eradication Program Environmental Assessment, April 1999 Agency Contact: Stephen Poe Program Officer Program Support, Plant Protection and Quarantine Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service U.S. Department of Agriculture 4700 River Road, Unit 134 Riverdale, MD 20737-1228 ...

Gemma Woldendorp and Mary Bomford

Weed eradication: strategies, timeframes and costs 3 Executive summary Information on weed eradication programs was collected - eight were completed programs, four were being monitored, seven were ongoing, and one had failed.


48 APPENDIX C NATIONAL TECHNICAL AND ADVISORY GROUPS FOR POLIO ERADICATION IN INDIA The following groups meet regularly to provide technical guidance and advice for the


472 MYERS ET AL passed since the Bulletin of the Entomological Society of America recorded a debate on eradication (23,36,53,60). Subsequently, more eradication programs have been initiated, but perspectives on whether or when eradication is the appropriate goal remain divided.