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CENTER FOR CHURCH RESOURCES Eschatology A Study of the Christian View of the Last Days Dr Ian A. Fair © 2010 This study considers the doctrine of eschatology from the Judeo-Christian perspective with the proposal that the Christian age is considered the last days of God‘s ...


2 ESCHATOLOGY What is it? Webster defines it as "The Science of last things." Really, it is the fundamental Science that underlies all reality, the very Science of Life itself.

ESCHATOLOGY: The Doctrine of end times

ESCHATOLOGY: The Doctrine of end times Eschatology deals with as yet unfilled prophecies and accounts of future events. I. PURPOSE OF THIS STUDY A. Gives insight into the character of God 1.

Eschatology in John's Gospel

80 CRISWELL THEOLOGICAL REVIEW Eschatology does indeed deal with last things since it has to do with the consummation of the old order, the bringing to an end of that which has never had God's approval.


eschatology: views of millennialism the prefix before "millennium" refers to the "time of christ's second coming as it relates to the millennium premillennialism "second coming before the millennium" postmillennialism "second coming after the millennium" amillennialism "no literal millennium ...


"ESCHATOLOGY" A paper prepared for the Doctrinal Conference North American Convention of the Church of God Anderson, Indiana June 30, 2004 Dr. Gilbert W. Stafford Professor of Christian Theology, Anderson University School of Theology INTRODUCTION The word "eschatology" means the study of last ...

Eschatology: Four Approaches

Eschatology: Four Approaches Christ Covenant Sunday School (2009-01-18) 1/4 This morning, we begin the second lesson in our series on "Eschatology."


SUPPLEMENT TO "ESCHATOLOGY - WHAT IS IT?" William Walter's pamphlet entitled "Eschatology - What Is It?" was issued in the 1920's as a response to the many letters of inquiry he was receiving at that time.

"Eschatology of the New Testament" The International Standard ...

"Eschatology of the New Testament" The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia , Vol. II:979-993. [1915] es-ka-tol'-o-ji: I. Doctrinal and Religious Significance II.

Eschatology F.F. Bruce

F.F. Bruce, "Eschatology," London Quarterly & Holborn Review 183 (April 1958): 99-103. Eschatology F.F. Bruce [p.99] In addition to the normal progress of biblical study, one or two events of recent years have directed special attention to the eschatological teaching of the New Testament.