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EtherCAT - the Ethernet fieldbus

At the field level, the fieldbusses developed in the 90s continue to dominate the markets. Fieldbusses have created their respective market segments focussing on different aspects, and with maximum gross transfer rates of 0.5 - 16 MBaud they continue to be quite adequate for many applications.

The Ethernet Fieldbus: EtherCAT

3 EtherCAT Technology Group ■ It's faster |The fastestsystem available, with outstanding synchronization features |Performance widely independentof topology |No underlying sub-system required any more |Meets today's and tomorrow's requirements ■ It's costeffective |Meets or even undercuts ...

EtherCAT® on Sitara™ AM335x ARM® Cortex™-A8 Microprocessors

Executive summary EtherCAT is among the leading communications standards based on Ethernet that is used increasingly for networking and communications in the industrial or factory environment.


MTS Sensors 35 Temposonics ® Linear-Position Sensors Product Catalog 551075 C R-Series EtherCA T ® R-Series Models RP and RH Sensors EtherCAT ® Industrial Ethernet Interface Parameters Specifications n Rugged industrial sensor n Linear, absolute measurement n LEDs for sensor diagnostics n Non ...

New Automation Technology 2012

282 EtherCAT Development Products 276 XFC technology 268 EtherCAT technology EtherCAT 264

Ethercat sell sheet

EtherCAT is a high-performance, industrial Ethernet fieldbus system. It features high data transfer rates, short data processing times, and high synchronicity with low jitter.

EtherCAT | Development Products

EtherCAT - Ultra high-speed for automation Highlights - Ethernet up to the terminal - complete continuity - Ethernet process interface scalable from 1 bit to 64 kbyte - fi rst true Ethernet solution for the fi eld level - exact timing and adapted to synchronisation Performance - 256 digital I/Os ...

EtherCAT, the core of the modular machine concept

PC Control 02 | 2011 Test rig technology: seamless integration of measurement technology in the control system EtherCAT, the core of the modular machine concept The French company Sitia develops and constructs test rigs for industrial and technical laboratories.

Getting Started with AKD EtherCAT Drives and the LabVIEW NI ...

Getting Started with AKD EtherCAT ® Drives and the LabVIEW NI SoftMotion Module Note If you are a new user of LabVIEW or are unfamiliar with LabVIEW, refer to the Getting

750-354; EtherCAT Fieldbus Coupler

750-354 1 12 I/O-SYSTEM EtherCAT ® Fieldbus Coupler 100 Mbit/s; digital and analog signals 24V X3 X 1 I N X 2 O U T 0V I/O ERR RUN L/A OUT L/A IN EtherCAT W 750-354 Fieldbus connection RJ-45 Supply 24 V 0 V Fieldbus connection RJ-45 Configuration and programming interface (with cover open) Data ...