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PR.ETSOA.00001-001 ETSO authorisation

European Aviation Safety Agency Procedure European Technical Standard Order Authorisation Doc # PR.ETSOA.00001-001 Approval Date 21/07/2010

Ref. AP019 Ballons Libert S.p.r.l. 12 November 2007 Hot air ...

AP207 REVUE THOMMEN AG 20 June 2006 ETSOA (ETSO-C2, C10, C46, C88, C95, C106) Total Country: 8 Name of the Company Date of issue Scope United Kingdom

Cadenza Document

Date of last Issue of the ETSOA 3. Description/Name of the Equipment 4. Partnumber(s) covered by the ETSOA 5. ETSO Standard(s) 6. DDP reference

List of Organisations with Alternative Procedures to DOA

Name of the Company Date of issueScope France Ref. AERAZUR 13 September 2005 ETSOA (ETSO C13, C22, C69, C70, C72, C80, 2C505) AP043 AERO ENTREPRISE 6 December 2005 STC avionic on small aircraft (less than 5,7 T) AP187 AERO NET 29 September 2005 ETSOA [ETSO C90] AP089 AEROPHILE S.A. 29 September ...

EASA Safety Information

EASA has been notified by Messier-Bugatti about repairs by third parties to carbon brakes manufactured by Messier-Bugatti which are not covered by the appropriate ETSOA.

Comment Response Document (CRD) to Notice of Proposed ...

Then, this might result in a situation where an applicant not complying with 21A.609 would receive the ETSOA because there would be no legal means to refuse the granting of the ETSOA.


This ETSOA does not constitute an insmllation approval. It is the responsibility of those instahg this article to determine that the aircraft instidlation conditions ue within the El30 sundards.

Certification Activities Agency's achievements

European Aviation Safety Agency 26/04/2004 9 Industry meeting Approvals issued in 2004 TC's: 4 Major Mod's: 457 Minor Mod's: 1693 STC's: 139 DOA's: 9 ETSOA's: 44 AD's: 86 AMOC to AD's: 18 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 Number 01 January 2004 to 31 March 2004


Sepheo sa ho khaoha hona hoa motlakase ke ho etsa liteko tsa ho ikhotsofatsa hore tšebetso e kholo e sa tsoa etsoa ka la 09 le la 30 Mphalane, 2011 ea ho matlafatsa thepa e litsing tse kholo tsa motlakase tse Maputsoe le Ha Mabote (132kV sub-stations), e atlehile.

The European Aviation Safety Agency

... Design Organisation Approval DOE: Design Organisation Exposition E E: Engine EASA: European Aviation Safety Agency EC: European Commission EPA: European Part Approval EPR: Environmental Protection Requirements ER: Essential Requirements ETSO: European Technical Standard Order ETSOa: European Technical ...