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1 Chapter 2 EUCLIDEAN PARALLEL POSTULATE 2.1 INTRODUCTION. There is a well-developed theory for a geometry based solely on the five Common Notions and first four Postulates of Euclid.


EUCLIDEAN GEOMETRY MATH 410, CSUSM. SPRING 2008. PROFESSORAITKEN 1. Introduction Euclidean Geometry is obtained by adding a parallel axiom to Neutral Geometry.

The Euclidean Algorithm Generates Traditional Musical Rhythms

The Euclidean Algorithm Generates Traditional Musical Rhythms Godfried Toussaint School of Computer Science, McGill University Montr´ eal, Qu´ ebec, Canada godfried@cs.mcgill.ca Abstract The Euclidean algorithm (which comes down to us from Euclid's Elements ) computes the greatest common ...


Considering Euclid's Postulates One reason that Euclidean geometry was at the center of philosophy, math and science, was its logical structure and its rigor.

Notes on Euclidean Geometry

Kiran Kedlaya based on notes for the Math Olympiad Program (MOP) Version1.0, last revised August 3,1999

Appendix: Euclid's Axioms

Appendix to Lecture 8: Euclid's Axioms October Appendix: Euclid's Axioms Source: http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/7997/non euclid.html Non-Euclidean Geometry Introduction: Unlike other branches of math, geometry has been connected with two purposes since the ancient Greeks.

Chapter 4 Measures of distance between samples: Euclidean

4-1 Chapter 4 Measures of distance between samples: Euclidean We will be talking a lot about distances in this book. The concept of distance between two samples or between two variables is fundamental in multivariate analysis - almost everything we do has a relation with this measure.


1 Chapter 3 NON-EUCLIDEAN GEOMETRIES In the previous chapter we began by adding Euclid's Fifth Postulate to his five common notions and first four postulates.

The Euclidean Steiner Tree Problem

1 The Euclidean Steiner Tree Problem Michael Herring Denison University April 28, 2004 Abstract The Euclidean Steiner tree problem is solved by finding the tree with minimal Euclidean length spanning a set of fixed vertices in the plane, while allowing for the addition of auxiliary vertices ...

Unit 9 − Non-Euclidean Geometries

Trainer/Instructor Notes: Non-Euclidean Sum of the Measures of Angles Geometry Module 9-1 Unit 9 − Non-Euclidean Geometries When Is the Sum of the Measures of the Angles of a Triangle Equal to 180º?