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The History of Euler's Disk "… Namely, because the shape of ...

The History of Euler's Disk"… Namely, because the shape of the whole universe is most perfect …" L. Euler Over the past 15+ years, many have asked why the toy is named, "Euler's Disk (?)"


Euler'sTheorem Tom Davis tomrdavis@earthlink.net http://www.geometer.org/mathcircles July 14,2009 Abstract Euler'stheoremisanice result that is easy to investigate with simple models from Euclidean geometry, although it is reallya topological theorem.

How Euler Did It

1 How Euler Did It by Ed Sandifer Gamma the constant October 2007 Sam Kutler, now retired from St. John's College in Annapolis, once pointed out that there are three great constants in mathematics, π, e and γ, and that Euler had a role in all three of them.

How Euler Did It

1 How Euler Did It by Ed Sandifer Who proved e is irrational? February 2006 Most readers will know that the constant e is, indeed irrational, even transcendental.

Euler, Goldbach and Leuneschlos’ Paradox

Euler, Goldbach and Exact Values of Cosine Hieu Nguyen Elizabeth Volz July 13, 2009 1


HOW TO FIND AN EULERCIRCUIT. TERR YA. LORING The book gives a pro of that if a graph is connected, and if every vertex has even degree, then there is an Euler circuit in the graph.

Leonhard Euler: His Life, the Man, and His Works∗

SIAM REVIE W c * 2008 Walter Gautschi Vol. 50, No. 1, pp. 3-33 Leonhard Euler: His Life, the Man, and His Works ∗ Walter Gautsch i † Abstract. On the occasion of the 300thanniversary (on April 15,2007) of Euler'sbirth, an attempt is made to bring Euler'sgeniustothe attention of abroad ...

'Euler's Elements of Algebra'

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Definitions 3.1.1.

3. EULER AND HAMILTON PATHS 82 3. Euler and Hamilton Paths 3.1. Euler and Hamilton Paths. Definitions 3.1.1. (1) An EulerCircuitina graph Gisapathin Gthatusesevery edge exactly once and begins and ends at the same vertex.

Euler Hermes

3 Highlights of 2007 United States Acquisition of a debt collection agency 23 January. Euler Hermes acquired United Mercantile Agencies (UMA). Founded in 1917, UMA offers a broad range of trade receivables management services, namely debt collection, outsourced trade receivables management and ...