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Camp Marechal de Lettres de Tassigny

According to this scenario the Southern Home Saber (SHS) Crowd and Riot Control (CRC) exercise was implemented on the 14th of March by the Kosovo Police (KP) Regional Operations Support Unit (ROSU), EULEX Police and Kosovo Force (KFOR) CRC Unit with the attendance of the commander of MNTF-S Brigadier ...

Lulzim Gashi v. UNMIK, File. 11/10, Admissibility (UNMIK HRAP ...

EULEX is a mission launched in 2008 by the Council of the European Union, under the Common Security and Defence Policy of the European Union (see Council Joint Action 2008/124/CFSP of 4 February 2008 on the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo, EULEX KOSOVO).


The country declared its independence in 2008 when it accepted the Ahtisaari plan, which provided for internationally sponsored mechanisms, including an International Civilian Office and the EU Rule of Law Mission (EULEX), to support the new government.

080216 Joint Action EUSR and EULEX

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S/2011/281 United Nations Security Council

EULEX continued to prioritize the investigation and prosecution of corruption cases through close cooperation between EULEX and Kosovo prosecutors.

Security Council

EULEX Special Task Force Since the report of the Council of Europe Special Rapporteur, Senator Dick Marty, was made public in December 2010, EULEX has assumed responsibility for the case and continues to move forward with the preliminary investigation, through a special Task Force dedicated to the ...

Kosovo: Current Issues and U.S. Policy

An International Civilian Representative and EULEX, an European Union-led law-and-order mission, are tasked with guaranteeing Kosovo's implementation of the plan.

Title: Chief of Protocol - EK 0011

Annex IV 1. OFFICE OF THE HEAD OF MISSION Title: Chief of Protocol - EK 0011 Positions: 1 Category: II Level: 3 Title: Personal Assistant to the Head of Mission - EK 0012 Positions: 1 Category: III Level: 2 Title: Internal Investigations Officer - EK 0016 Positions: 1 Category: II Level: 3 Title ...

Inhuman treatment of people and illicit trafficking in human ...

EULEX seems very recently to have made some progress in this field, and it is very much to be hoped that political considerations will not impede this commitment.

Kosovo: self-determination that never arrives - Europe

Catalan International View 18 Nevertheless, UNMIK and EULEX, the two missions that took over interna tional mediation following the Kosovo war (1998-1999), did not withdraw