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A. aviculture G. geocentric B. circumscribe H. malediction C. dehydrate I. morbid D. deportment J. novice E. euphonious K. photokinesis F. fecund L. symmetry _____ 1. movement induced by light _____ 2. fertile; productive; able to reproduce or make offspring _____ 3. the raising and care of birds _____ 4. one ...


The form for cesium would become ceqic (seasick!), clearly understood when written but perhaps confusing when spoken' Changing fc to itic might be clearer, but the terms would be cumbersome and some at least not very euphonious.

Use adjectives to describe diction. Do not just say they use ...

Words can euphonious (pleasant sounding, e.g., languid, murmur) or cacophonous (harsh sound, e.g., raucous, croak). Other words to describe diction: Artificial false Literal apparent, word for word Bombastic high sounding, pompous, ostentatious Moralistic puritanical, righteous Colloquial vernacular (slang) ...

Vocabulary Cartoons, SAT Word Power - Word List

... euphonious evade evoke exhume expunge-F-facilitate fathom fawn feign fester fetish fickle fjord fleece forage forbear forsake fortuitous fraught-G-gamin gazebo generalize giddy gird girth gloat glutton gossamer grandiloquent grandiose guile guise harangue harrowing herbicide histrionic hoard hovel husbandry-I-idiosyncrasy impede incite ...

For Serge

That Serge (a"mathematical grown-up") would, shortly afterwards, collar me (for whom"abelian varieties"were just seven or eight euphonious syllables) and request a series of private lectures in dierential topology was astounding tome.

John H. Klotz, Jacob L. Pinnas, Stephen A. Klotz, and Justin ...

To name this reaction, Richet first proposed the term “aphylaxis,” later coining the term anaphylaxis (“without protection”) because it was more euphonious.

Sentence Structure - Describe sentence structure by ...

Words may be euphonious (pleasant sounding), e.g. butterfly, or cacophonous (harsh sounding), e.g., pus. Sentence Structure - Describe sentence structure by considering the following: 1.

Words to Describe Diction

... euphonious scholarly everyday sentimental exact shocking fanciful sincere flowery slang figurative subdued folksy symbolic formal tame grandiose technical idiomatic trite inflammatory unifying inflated uppity informal vague insincere vulgar jargon


Words can euphonious (pleasant sounding, e.g., languid, murmur) or cacophonous (harsh sound, e.g., raucous, croak). IMAGERY : Creates a vivid picture and appeals to the senses

Lesson 12

Derivatives >> enhanced, enhancement, enhancing, enhancer, enhancive euphonious yoo FOE nee us pleasant or agreeable (sound); dulcet Synonyms >> Antonym >> raucous; dissonant The euphonious sound of the record lulled the baby to sleep.