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Frau Karl Druschki

This has always been an indispensable white rose but its name has been against it and thus names more euphonious to other tongues have been coined.

What's in a (Post Office) Name? From Aaronsburg, Pennsylvania ...

Where a choice is offered between two or more names for the same place or locality, all sanctioned by local usage, that which is most appropriate and euphonious should be adopted.

Prefixes, infixes, and suffixes for monoclonal antibody ...

... ki(n)-interleukin as target -axo- rat/murine hybrid-co(l)-colonic tumor-me(l)-melanoma-ma(r)-mammary tumor-go(t)-testicular tumor-go(v)-ovarian tumor-pr(o)-prostate tumor-tu(m)-miscellaneous tumor-neu(r)-nervous system-tox(a)-toxin as target Varies, "should be euphonious"-fu(ng)-fungal-mab

Sophomore English Vocabulary14

Antonyms: harmonious, agreeing, euphonious 8. droll – (adjective) amusingly odd Synonyms: comical, humorous, whimsical, zany Antonyms: humorless, solemn, dour


Brown also remarks how "words, when they make their debut in scientific or literary society ... should be simple, euphonious, pure and mnemonically attractive."

CollectingEvolution:TheVindicationofCharlesDarwin bythe1905 ...

euphonious Procellariiformes), and his desiretobuilduponeoftheworld’sbest collections of these birds, would result in Loomis forming a strong and lasting

I. "What is the sound of one transistor clapping?"

It is occasionally misunderstood that single-ended amplifiers intentionally distort the signal with second harmonic in order to achieve a falsely euphonious character.

Naming taxa from cladograms: A cautionary tale

(1997) found an elegant and unpolemical way to designate the two systems, calling the Code "Charlie" and the Phylocode "Phyllis", but these names do not allow the formation of clear, short and euphonious adjectives.

Che: Chewy Dollops of Maroon Sweetness Lee Reich

Deliberate hybrids—with the euphonious and likewise hybrid name Macludrania hybrida— have been created between osage orange and che, the first in France in the latter half of the nineteenth century.

General policies for monoclonal antibodies

Prefix The prefix should be random, e.g. the only requirement is to contribute to a euphonious and distinctive name. Second word If the product is radiolabelled or conjugated to another chemical, identification of this conjugate is accomplished by use of a separate, second word or acceptable chemical ...