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'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in ...

Still, many people seem to agree that the Elvish tongues are generally euphonious. Tolkien registrered positive feedback: "The names of persons and places in this story were mainly composed on patterns deliberately modelled on those of Welsh (closely similar but not identical).

Periodic fever, aphthous stomatitis, pharyngitis, adenitis: a ...

In 1989, the euphonious acronym FAPA (fever, aphthous stomatitis, pharyngitis, and cervical adenitis) was coined for this syndrome [3]. Later, it was changed to PFAPA to

Study Words for Eighth Graders

... euphonious hermetically ululate ¿DPPHRXV effulgent plantigrade WHQHEULøF silhouette leviathan kinesiology apocalyptic cumulonimbus oscillation roux yeoman nonnegotiable orthographize decaffeinate gigabyte entrepreneur froufrou hypochondria variegated sabotage pestilence incendiary malleable annexation quadrilateral ...

History of Marshall County

Timothy Barber had previously built a grist mi]] at that place, j and It was thought by Mr. Crocker and Mr. Barber that there was a great 8Jj future for "Sligo," the euphonious name they gave to the embryo city.


... by Eric Musgrove Suwannee County, the thirty-seventh county created in the State of Florida, was formed on December 21, 1858 out of the western portion of Columbia County.€ Named for the river immortalized by Stephen Foster (who never visited it, but used the name because it was more euphonious ...


For the most part, islanders speak Standard English, but color it with an accent that is lyrical and euphonious. This distinct ive accent derives from the traditional dialect of the islands, the so-called Creole, Calypso or West Indian, which blends West African grammar and speech patterns with colonial ...

I was the solitary plover

1) That Lorine changed her name from NIGHdecker to KNEEdecker in high school as a gesture of independence; 2) that Lorine changed her name from NIGHdecker to KNEEdecker because she prefered the euphonious rhyming of KNEE with LorEEN; and 3) that the spelling on her gravestone--NIGH decker--was Lorine's ...

Three Session Residency Lesson Plan

• Consult my line of inquiry for each song, then: • Start writing: (Keep referring to the writing process!) • Brainstorm and chart info. / vocab. lists. • Point out important vocab. and model euphonious language.


This drawing was overlooked by Goldschmidt inhis Ailas d.er Kr ystallformen iler Mineral,ien. * The original name manganophyll of rgelstrdm is more euphonious than its equivalent, manganophyllite. ft also seems a more suitable name since the mineral has no relation to the rock phyllite.

Pi Kappa Alpha's Myths and Legends:

The first formal public recognition of the group came in the form of an Albuquerque*Democrat article from November 1900 which read, "Yum-Yum*is*the*euphonious* name*of*a*recent*organization*among* the*boys.