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What you need to do as estate executor: A bigger ...

©2008 Executor's Resource, Inc. All Rights Reserved. What you need to do as estate executor: A bigger responsibility than you might expect By Executor's Resource, Inc.

Survivors, Executors, and Administrators

Generally, an the rules for property acquired from a decedent The worksheet will help you correctly de-executor (or executrix ) is named in a decedent's who died in 2008 or 2009.


1 Chapter 10 CHOOSING THE EXECUTOR OR TRUSTEE One of the most important decisions you'll make is picking the person (or persons or institution) to be in charge of your assets after you're gone.


The IRS tactic of disallowing a deduction for the 5 full executor's commission calculated in accordance with the statutory 6 schedule leaves lawyers in New Jersey open to criticism for not being 7 able to advise executors accurately of the amount of the executor's 8 commission that will be deductible ...

Form 8855 (Rev. January 2009)

Amended Election Needed When an Executor Is Appointed After a Valid Election Is Made Part II Part III How to make an amended election. The executor and the trustees of each electing trust complete and file a new Form 8855 and write "AMENDED ELECTION" at the top of the form.

The Duties of an Independent Executor

LEGAL HOTLINE FOR TEXANS 815 Brazos, Suite 1100, Austin, Texas 78701 (800) 622-2520 or (512) 477-3950 Pension Counseling (888) 343-4414 Publication Number 0408 THE DUTIES OF AN INDEPENDENT EXECUTOR ***** THIS PUBLICATION IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR THE ADVICE OF AN ATTORNEY.

How To Limit An Executor's Personal Liability For A Decedent ...

page 20 Spring 2010 Trusts & Estates Newsletter Being an executor can often be a demanding and thankless task. In addition to coping with the loss of a close friend or family member, executors are routinely charged with navigating estate plans through an unfamiliar and intimidating course of ...

Ask the Probate Judge—Power of Attorney v. Executor ...

Ask the Probate Judge—Power of Attorney v. Executor, Interested Witnesses By Merri Rudd, appeared November 29, 2007, Albuquerque Journal, Business Outlook Reprinted with permission Q: Is there any difference between "power of attorney" and "executor" of an estate?


If decedent owned assets in another state, appoint ancillary executor. qq 13. Search for assets. qq 14. List contents of all safe-deposit boxes. qq 15.