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A Visual Short-Term Memory Advantage for Objects of Expertise Kim M. Curby and Kuba Glazek Temple University Isabel Gauthier Vanderbilt University

Expertise in Nursing Practice Caring, Clinical Judgment &Ethics

Patricia Benner is a professor o f nursing in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences Nursing at the University of California, San Francisco.

Analysts' Industry Expertise*

Analysts' Industry Expertise * Ohad Kadan, Leonardo Madureira, Rong Wang, and Tzachi Zach ** October 2011 Abstract Industry expertise is an important aspect of sell-side research.

Clean Heat and Power Specialists and U.S. Department of ...

... Introduction Industrial energy efficiency and Clean Heat and Power (CHP) encompass a wide range of expertise, analytical software tools and technologies.

A world of expertise to meet your condensate challenges

Pall: A world of expertise to meet your condensate challenges A world of expertise to meet your condensate challenges

Characterizing Adaptive Expertise in Science Teaching

Corresponding Author: Valerie M. Crawford SRI International 333 Ravenswood Ave. Mailstop BN362 Menlo Park, CA 94114 valerie.crawford@sri.com (650) 859-4075 Acknowledgements We are indebted to John Bransford, Sean Brophy, and Lynn Hodges for sharing their thinking with us in the early phases of ...


International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) 38, Cours Albert 1er, 75008 Paris, France www.iccwbo.org © ICC 2002, 2011 All rights reserved. This collective work was initiated by ICC which holds all rights as defined in the French Code of Intellectual Property.

Defining Risk

November/December 2004 www.cfa pubs .org 19 Financial Analysts Journal Volume 60 • Number 6 ©2004, CFA Institute PERSPECTIVES Defining Risk Glyn A. Holton inancial markets are becoming increasingly sophisticated in pricing, isolating, repackaging, and transferring risks.


representative bureaucrats: attitudinal congruence and agency expertise representative bureaucracy: policy preferences and agency expertise

Sharing Expertise: Challenges for Technical Support

in: Ackerman, M./Pipek, V./Wulf, V. (eds): Beyond Knowledge Management: Sharing Expertise, MIT-Press, Cambridge MA 2002 (in press) Sharing Expertise: Challenges for Technical Support Volkmar Pipek Research Group HCI & CSCW (ProSEC) Institute for Computer Science III University of Bonn, Germany ...