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California is the largest producer of agricultural products ...

Exports are important to California's agricultural and statewide economy. Measured as exports divided by farm cash receipts, the State's reliance on agricultural exports was 38 percent in 2008.

Last Updated: February 2011

Oil Consumption (2010E) 270 thousand barrels per day Net Oil Exports (2010E) 1,530 thousand barrels per day Crude Oil Distillation Capacity (2010E)

Nebraska: Exports, Jobs, and Foreign Investment

Nebraska: Exports, Jobs, and Foreign Investment. January 2012. Exports Support Jobs for Nebraska's Workers. Export-supported jobs linked to manufacturing accounted for an estimated 30,700 jobs in Nebraska in 2009.

Countries/Products Eligible for Export to the United States

r Export to the United States COUNTRY/PRODUCTS Beef/Veal Lamb/Mutton Goat Pork Poultry/ Ratite Equine Egg ; Products Ra : w : Proc Ra : w : Proc Ra

The Role of Exports in the U.S. Fruit and Vegetable Industry

Exports of fruits and vegetables continued to expand in the nineties as U.S. supplies rose and trade barriers fell. Fruits, tree nuts, vegetables, and pulses accounted for nearly 17 percent of U.S. agricultural export value in 1998—up from about 14 percent in 1990.

Deemed Exports & I-129 Form

1 July 2011 Deemed Exports & I-129 Form Update 2011 July 20, 2011 2 July 2011 Panelists ■ Bernard Kritzer, Director, Office of Exporter Services (OEXS) ■ Glenn Krizay, Director, Office of Enforcement Analysis ■ Stephen Hall, Senior Policy Advisor (OEXS) ■ Wendy Kamenshine, Senior ...

U.S. Grain and Soybean Exports to Mexico A Modal Share ...

1 U.S. Grain and Soybean Exports to Mexico A Modal Share Transportation Analysis, 2007-2010 By Delmy L. Salin April 2011 Summary Prior to 2010, Mexico was the second most important U.S. agricultural export market after Canada.

US Exports to China by State

1818 N Street, NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20036 Tel: 202-429-0340 | Fax: 202-775-2476 | E-mail: info@uschina.org | www.uschina.org US Exports to China by State 2000-05

Who Exports? Who Buys?

Export manufacturers accounted for over 84 percent of the export sector employment (8.7 million workers) , while wholesalers and other intermediaries together accounted for just under 16 percent (1.6 million).

South Dakota Exports 2000

Trade and Agriculture What's at Stake for South Dakota? South Dakota Exports 2000