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Forest response to chronic hurricane disturbance in coastal ...

Keywords: Beech; Coastal forest; Dendroecology; Fagus grandifolia; Hurricane; Moderate disturbance; Oak; Quercus; Release; Windthrow. Introduction Wind storms, including hurricanes, extra-tropi-calcyclones, tornados, and thunderstorms, cause a wide range of damage to forests worldwide.


... Aesculus hippocastanum Serviceberry, Hybrids Amelanchier hybrids Serviceberry, Downy Amelancier arborea Hornbeam, American Carpinus caroliniana Hackberry Celtis occidentalis Dogwood, Flowering Cornus florida Dogwood, Grey Cornus racemosa Beech, American* Fagus grandifolia Beech, European Fagus sylvatica Blackgum ...

Celtis occidentalis

Fagus sylvatica Fagus sylvatica European Beech Fagaceae Located on side of Hall Dorm near Asian American Cultural Center. ● leaves alternate, broad ovate, glossy dark green ● leaves margins wavy, smooth (compare to F. grandifolia) ● leaf veins do not end in bristle, only 5-10 present (compare to F ...


... Amelancier arborea Birch, Grey Betula populifolia Catalpa, Northern Catalpa speciosa Dogwood, Kousa Cornus kousa Dogwood, Grey Cornus racemosa Turkish Filbert Corylus colurna Smoketree Cotinus coggygria Hawthorn Crataegus spp. Russian Olive Elaeagnus angustifolia Beech, American Fagus grandifolia* Beech, European Fagus ...

Seattle Department of Transportation - Approved Street Tree List

Great Plant Pick Fagus sylvatica Green Beech 50 40 No 6 N/A Silvery-grey bark Fagus sylvatica 'Asplenifolia' Fernleaf Beech 60 50 No 6 N/A Beautiful cut leaf. Great Plant Pick Fraxinus latifolia Oregon Ash 60 35 No 6 N/A Only native ash in PNW

The influence of O

The primary objective is to ascertain if an association exists between air pollution levels and the growth of the two predominant overstory tree species, P. abiesand Fagus sylvatica, throughout the region.

Fire Regime Condition Class (FRCC) Interagency Handbook ...

Today, after more than 75 years of effective fire suppression, shade-tolerant and/or fire-sensitive species (e.g., Acer rubrum , A. saccharum , Fagus grandifolia , Liriodendron tulipifera , Nyssa sylvatica ) have become abundant.

Biodiversity of the Albanian national parks and its problems

Aceri (pseudoplatani)-Fagetum Bartsch 1940 Dajti Cephalanthero-Fagion Tx. 1955 Seslerio -Fagetum Moor 1952 Dajti Fagion illyricum Horvat 1938 Erico herbacea-Fagetum Markgraf 1932 Pinus nigra-Fagus sylvatica com. Hoda 1989 Lura Galio rotundifolii-Abietion Abieti-Fagetum Fukarek 1958 Lura, Thethi Fagion ...

Contribution to the flora of northern and central Greece

Nearby, in the herb layer of the Fagus forest, further Central European and boreal elements occur ( Circaealutetiana, Impatiens no li-tangere, Luzulaluzuloides subsp. luzuloides, L. sylvatica (Huds.)

Knut Langeland: Planter i et historisk perspektiv

Knut Langeland: Planter i historisk perspektiv 2008 side 1 av 5 Knut Langeland: Planter i et historisk perspektiv Norge har en utvikling i hagebruket og plantematerialet som litt annerledes og fremfor alt litt forsinket i forhold til resten av Europa.