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CHAPTER14 Fatigue FATIGUE FAILURES OCCUR due to the applicationoffluctuatingstressesthataremuch lower than the stress required to cause failure


Fatigue What is fatigue? Fatigue is the feeling of extreme tiredness or weakness that can make it difficult for you to perform ordinary tasks. Fatigue affects everyone differently.

Fatigue: What You Should Know

Fatigue: What You Should Know A guide for people with ms ConSumer guide to CliniCal praCtiCe guidelineS

Quality of Care, Nurses' Work sChedules, aNd fatigue

White Pa Per Washington state nurses association Quality of Care, Nurses' Work sChedules, aNd fatigue by Janice R. Ellis PhD, RN, ANEF Commissioned by the WSNA Professional Nursing & Health Care Council Washington State Nurses Association About the author Janice Ellis, PhD, RN, ANEF was the ...

Getting Informed - Brain Tumors and Fatigue

Getting Informed Patient Services 800 934 2873 | Main Offices 800 770 8287 | www.braintumor.org Leading through research and support Fatigue is common among people with brain

Literature Review

Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing • Volume 14, Number 5 • Compassion Fatigue and Burnout E57 . oncology nurses are at risk of burnout (Barnard, Street, & Love, 2006; Medland et al., 2004).


F atigue is an expected and ubiquitous aspect of life. For the average individual, fatigue presents a minor inconvenience, resolved with a nap or by stopping whatever activity that brought it on.

What Is Fatigue? History and Epidemiology

1 What Is Fatigue? History and Epidemiology Susan Torres-Harding and Leonard A. Jason Fatigue is a nonspecific symptom because it can be indicative of many causes or conditions including physiological states such as sleep deprivation or excessive muscular activity; medical conditions such as ...

Fatigue, Physician Impairment and Substance Abuse

Objectives  By the end of this presentation participants will be able to:  Understand the potential risks for patients, residents, fellows and the public  Recognize the signs of fatigue in patients, coworkers and themselves  Understand physician impairment & substance abuse  ACGME ...

Recovery After Stroke: Managing Fatigue

All publications are reviewed for scientific and medical accuracy by National Stroke Association's Publications Committee. © 2009 National Stroke Association. 06/09 There are more than 6 million stroke survivors in the U.S. Recovery After Stroke: Managing Fatigue Feeling tired is a common ...