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Felony Sentencing Chart

Felony Sentencing Chart Special Felonies Prison Term Fine Agg. Murder w/death specification Death, Life w/o parole, Life w/parole after 20, 25 or 30 years $25,000 Agg.

2012 Felony Bail Schedule Final

LOS ANGELES COUNTY 2012 Felony Bail Schedule HOW TO USE THIS BAIL SCHEDULE (1) The purpose of this bail schedule is to fix an amount upon which a person who

Felony Sentencing After Realignment 1-5-12

FELONY SENTENCING AFTER REALIGNMENT J. RICHARD COUZENS Judge of the Superior Court County of Placer (Ret.) TRICIA A. BIGELOW Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, 2

Corel Office Document

FELONY CLASSIFICATION UNDER THE STRUCTURED SENTENCING ACT Offenses committed on or after December 1, 2002 Corel Office Document


State. Dogfighting. Spectator at a dogfight. Possession of dogs for fighting. Rank; 3 Felony: New Jersey. Crime of the 3 rd degree: 3-5 years. $3,000-$5,000: Crime of the 3 rd degree

Chemical Dependency Professionals Board 77 S. High Street ...

In your application you indicated that you have been charged or convicted of a felony offense. Please complete the enclosed Felony Charge/Conviction Questionnaire and return it as soon as possible.


Persistent Felony Offender Section 70.10(1) defines a persistent felony offender as "a person, other than a persistent violent felony offender… who stands convicted of a felony after having previously been convicted of two or more felonies."


PROBATION GRANTS The bill requires DRC to establish two grant programs for felony probation departments (§5149.311), including: • Probation Improvement Grants to provide funds based on "the latest research" on reducing the number of probation violators (div. (B)(1)). o Formula.

s Q: Whatisa Strike ? A ...

Felony Strike Offenses Q: What is a Strike? A: A strike is statutorily listed offense that indicates that a felony offense is either a serious or violent felony.

Felony Sentences in State Courts, 2004

Bureau of Justice Statistics Bulletin July 2007, NCJ 215646 U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs National Judicial Reporting Program Felony Sentences in State Courts, 2004 By Matthew R. Durose and Patrick A. Langan, Ph.D. BJS Statisticians In 2004 State courts convicted an ...