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FERNO | When it's Critical

FERNO | When it's Critical 877.733.0911 BARIATRIC PATIENT HANDLING The following guide provides a brief outline of scene and equipment factors to consider when moving bariatric patients.

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When lives are on the line, there is a company just as dedicated to protecting people and saving lives as you are. Every day, Ferno Australia's equipment is trusted by medical, rescue, safety professionals and volunteers.

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Ferno Australia - Exporting When It's Critical Ferno Australia's equipment has been trusted for more than 36 years by first responders who look to our products for their renowned quality, reliability and innovative technology.

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© Ferno-Washington, Inc. 234-3346-00 March 2006 3 PRO Flex X ® Series TABLE OF CONTENTS Section Page 1 - Safety Information..... 5, 6 1.1 Warning..... 5 1.2 Important ...

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VALUES Quality We will provide and deliver products that not only meet tangible needs, but exceed the expectations of the customer. Quality in customer care, support, personnel, products and processes will inevitably define our company and employees and ultimately drive our success.

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2 © Ferno-Washington, Inc. 234-3307-02 November 2008 24-MAXX ™, 24-miniMAXX ® , 24H-miniMAXX ™ Disclaimer This manual contains general instructions for the use, operation and care of this product.

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July 2007 GLO Users’ Manual Pub. No. 234-0237-04 Model 71 Model 71-S Model 71-SS Model 71-M Model 71 Series Basket Stretchers

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Ferno PRO Flexx™ Model 93-PST " HEAVY LIFT GURNEY"

I. Introduction The Los Angeles Fire Department is often times challenged with the emergency management of obese (bariatric) patients. Many of these heavy patients present with body weights exceeding the capacity of gurneys and equipment normally found on our Rescue Ambulances.