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Well shaped aggregates have following advantages:-

Flakiness index as per amendment 26.6 % The flakiness index calculated by the amendment is higher than that by old method. The amendment seems to give logical and more accurate representation of flakiness however it specifies that a minimum of 200 pieces should be retained on each sieve fraction for ...

Flakiness Gauge for

Introduction This method is based on the classification of aggregate particles as flaky when they have a thickness (smallest dimension) of less than 0.6 of their nominal size, this size being taken as the mean of the limiting sieve apertures used for determining the size fraction in which the ...

ARIZ 233c September 5, 1996

ARIZ 233c September 5, 1996 (8 Pages) FLAKINESS INDEX OF COARSE AGGREGATE (An Arizona Method) SCOPE 1. (a) This test method describes the procedure for determining the


Pavements & Structures TEST METHOD WA 216.1 MAIN ROADS Western Australia Flakiness Index Page 1 of 5 T\WA216-1.doc Test Method 71/1/216.1 Issue 1 1/90 FLAKINESS INDEX SCOPE This method describes the procedure for the determination of the Flakiness Index of aggregate that has not more than 5% ...


Jan 3, 2005 LAB MANUAL 1223.0 1223 FLAKINESS INDEX FLH T 508 (Mn/DOT Modified) 1223.1 Scope The Flakiness Index test determines the percentage of flat particles in a seal coat aggregate. 1223.2 APPARATUS A.


ATT-49 1.0 Scope ATT-49/95 FLAKINESS INDEX 1.0 SCOPE This method describes the procedure for determining the flakiness index of aggregates to be used in the construction of seal coat chips. 2.0 EQUIPMENT See ATT-26, SIEVE ANALYSIS, 20 000 µm Minus, Section 2.0 Equipment.

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1 WORKSHOP ON AGGREGATES - FLAKINESS AND ELONGATION INDICES (WSOA-2006) 13 th June 2006 (Tuesday) At CRRI, New Delhi Inaugural Session Dr. P.K. Nanda, Director, CRRI, delivered the welcome address stating about the absence of MoSRTH and NHAI officials due to emergent meeting called by the ...

A revisit to aggregate shape parameters

Various shape parameters As per Indian standard IS-2386(I) (1999) flakiness and elongation index and angularity number are used as a measure of aggregate shape.

Testing aggregates

When the flakiness index has been determined for individual size-fractions (see note to 7.5), the overall flakiness index of the aggregate is calculated by summing the appropriate masses (M ², M ³ etc.) or as the weighted average of the individual sire-fractions. 9 Precision Estimates of the repeatability ...

Aggregates 39 Cement - Mixing, Moulding, Curing and Strength ...

Aggregates 39 Cement - Mixing, Moulding, Curing and Strength 103 42 Sampling and Preparation 42 Particle Size and Shape 42 Determination of Flakiness and