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Rodent and Rabbit Bot Flies

Figure 1. Cuterebra fontinella, a bot fly associated with deer mice. Photograph courtesy Sturgis MacKeever/IPM Images. Figure 2. A rodent bot pupa following emergence from its host.


 Colorado State University Extension. 12/96. Revised 1/07. www.ext.colostate.edu I N S E C T S E R I E S HOME & GARDEN Biting Flies no. 5.582 by W.S. Cranshaw, F.B. Peairs and B. Kondratieff 1 Quick Facts...

FRUIT FLIES IN ASIA (especially Southeast Asia) Species ...

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VINEGAR, POMACE OR FRUIT FLIES Drosophila sp. Injury and Nuisance Flies in the family Drosophilidae are often called vinegar flies, pomace flies or fruit flies. In


Executive Summary Fruit flies of the family Tephritidae are among the most destructive pests of fruits and vegetables around the world and pose a significant risk to agriculture in the United States.

Canadian Northwest (Tipulidae, Diptera)

THE CRANE FLIES OF ALASKA AND THE CANADIAN NORTHWEST (TIPULIDAE, DIPTERA) THE GENUS ERIOPTERA MEIGEN OUR knowledge of the crane flies of the far northwest of North America is still very unsatisfactory, ...

Household & Structural

FLY CONTROL AROUND THE HOME Ralph E. Williams and Gary W. Bennett, Extension Entomologists Department of Entomology Household & Structural E-7-W PURDUE EXTENSION FLY SPECIES OF CONCERN Several species of flies may be encountered around the home.

Western Cherry Fruit Fly

Degree-Days (DD) Management Event 750-800 Place traps in orchards 900-950 First adult flies expected on traps; Treat 5-7 days or 190 DD after first fly is caught if cherries have developed a salmon-colored blush; ...

Where do fruit flies come from?

Take the Plunge water words crossword puzzle Environmental Focus N September 1999 N EBLINE The Page 3 Barb Ogg Extension Educator Fruit flies seem to magically appear this time of year— invading our kitchens and causing a major nuisance.