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Flowserve - Anchor Darling ½" - 2" Small Valve Product Line

½" - 2" Small Valve Product Line Problem Low cost, small-bore valves that have a very high life-cycle cost due to performance problems such as packing and seat leakage.

Pleuger® Type WFSD Thruster

Experience In Motion Pleuger ® Type WFSD Thruster Azimuthing Thruster for Offshore Applications New Design Enhances Proven Technology By combining decades of applications expertise with a renewed investment in its rugged, versatile tilted-shaft, azimuthing thruster design, Flowserve is ...

The Flowserve Experience begins with you. Commitment ...

At Flowserve, we take pride in providing the best possible customer experience. Every project. Every day. Regardless of the challenge presented, product or geographical location.

Flowserve - Edward Valves

Pressure Locking and Over-Pressurization of Double-Seated Valves Problem Double seated valves in the closed position with trapped pressure in the bonnet that significantly impedes or prevents opening of the valve.

PMV Valve Control System

- 2 - Manufacturers declaration • Hersteller-Erklärung • Déclaration de fabricant GB Manufacturers declaration in compliance with EC directive 89/392/EEC, annex II B and 89/336/EEC.


ENTITIES - 31 CFR 501.805(d)(1)(i) Flowserve Corporation Settles Apparent Violations of the Iranian Transactions Regulations, the Sudanese Sanctions Regulations, and the Cuban Assets Control Regulations: Flowserve Corporation ("Flowserve") of Irving, TX, has agreed to remit $502,408 to settle ...

Flow Control Products for the Chemical Industry

2 Refining Primary Feedstocks Flowserve Argus isolation valves and Flowserve Valtek control valves are particularly active in the refinery process.

Flowserve Flow Control Power Generation Solutions

High-Quality Manufacturing The Flowserve Flow Control Division has manufacturing facilities around the globe, ensuring an efficient supply chain no matter where the installation.

The Flowserve Brand

A brand is not a tagline or a logo. Rather, a brand is an expectation. It is about what we think and feel - good or bad - when we hear the name of a company, product or service.


Hardide Coatings Limited, Unit 11, Wedgwood Road, Bicester, OX26 4UL, United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 1869 353830 Fax: +44 (0) 1869 353831 www.hardide.com Ultra-Hard Tungsten Carbide Based Coatings Flowserve Case Study  Profile Flowserve is one of the world's largest manufacturers of valves ...