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Texas Middle School Fluency Assessment (TMSFA)

Texas Middle School Fluency Assessment (TMSFA) HB 2237, Section 6: Adolescent Reading Assessmen t As of the fall of 2008, districts are required to: ∞ Administer diagnostic assessment to students in grade 7 who did not demonstrate reading proficiency on the grade 6 TAKS Reading. ∞ Provide ...

Assessing Reading Fluency

Assessing Reading Fluency K imberly and Thomas's fourth grade teacher, Mr. Lee, can't quite pin down what is going on with these students. Both are good at reading words; they are able to decode all the words they encounter and seem to have a pretty good understanding of them as well.

PDP - What is Fluency

FLUENCY FLUENCY What is Fluency? Fluency refers to the smoothness with which sounds, syllables, words and phrases are joined together during speech.

Jean Osborn, M.Ed., University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign

Fluency oriented reading instruction (NRRC Report No. 79). College Park, MD: National Reading Research Center. Stanovich, K. E. (1986). Matthew effects in reading: ...

FLUENCY: Recorded reading

FLUENCY: Recorded reading PARENT/TEACHER Directions: 1. Give each student a small tape recorder. Have them read a story and record themselves. 2.

Multidimensional Fluency Rubric

NAME _____ FLUENCY RUBRIC 1 2 3 4 Expression and Volume Reads in a quiet voice as if to get words out.

How Should Fluency Be Assessed?

How Should Fluency Be Assessed? chapter 4 S ince fluency is one critical aspect of proficient reading, it is important that schools have procedures in place to track fluency development.


Curriculum-Based Measurement: Directions for Administering and Scoring CBM Probes in… ORAL READING FLUENCY Excerpt from: Curriculum-Based Measurement: A Manual for Teachers Jim Wright, School Psychologist Syracuse City Schools 1992 jim@jimwrightonline.com www.intervention central.org


Department of Speech Pathology 513-636-4341 (phone) 513-636-3965 (fax) STUTTERING JEOPARDY QUESTIONS How We Talk: 200 Pts. We use our tongue, lips and jaw to talk?

Fluency Formula: Oral Fluency Assessment

The Challenge: To have 90% of Students Reading with Grade Level Fluency In September of 1997 a consortium of Minnesota school districts known as SCRED (St. Croix River Education District) implemented a plan to raise the level of reading achievement for their students.