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Historical Native American Flute Archives

Historical Native American Flute Archives [updated through 6 September 2007] _____ The following information was derived from our request to the general public for museums/archives containing historical flutes and from the web sites of those facilities.

Q: What is a Renaissance flute?

_____FAQ Renaissance flutes • What is a Renaissance flute? • Are there such instruments surviving? • What sizes of flutes are used in a consort? • Of which types of wood are the originals made?

Basic Guide To Playing The Native American Flute

Anasazi flutes dating back to around 650 A. D. in northeastern Arizona. While these flutes differed greatly from the modern NAF (Native American Flute), they indicate that flutes have long been a part of Native American cultures.

Andreas Eastman Piccolo and Flutes

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~ Flute Prices ~ Pratten Sessions Flute in D or E b Windward Flutes modified the classic Pratten bore to create a responsive sessions instrument, that is exceptionally well tuned and balanced.

- Renaissance flutes -

_____The Flutes - Renaissance flutes - Medieval flute The Medieval flute I make is a result of collaboration with Claudio Santambroggio (link), who has done a great deal of research about the transverse flute in the middle ages, both in iconography as well as in literature.

Anasazi Dream Flute

What we do know about Anasazi flutes that make them intriguing is that the scale pattern marked by the soundholes on the flute was consistent among the flutes found in the Four Corners area.


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