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Choose materials for foldables.

1 Week 2 Reflective Practice Learner-centered Classrooms Research based Best Practice Research-based Best Practice Instructional Planning and Foldables Choose materials for foldables. ◦ One letter-sized file folder ◦ 6 full sheets of colored paper ◦ 1 half sheet of colored paper ◦ A ...

Notebook Foldables and Graphic Organizers for

Continue for registration information. Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV Notebook Foldables and Graphic Organizers for Teachers of Middle and High School Math: March 11, 2010 Teachers of Elementary School Math: March 19, 2010 Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV Large Group Instruction Rooms 1 and 2 9 ...

How to make a Pocket Book Foldable

How to make a Pocket Book Foldable £ * 1. Fold a piece of 8 ½" x 11" paper in half horizontally (like a hamburger). 2. Open the folded paper and fold one of the long sides up two inches to form a pocket.


their Foldables. Ask students to choose a scientist, writer, piece of writing, or build ing from their completed Foldables to research more extensively.

Seminar Schedule 2011

Wed Jun 8th *Elementary Science Extravaganza: Children's Literature and Foldables® (Madagascar) Sat Jun 11th *Classroom Organization Wed Jul 6th * Putting Words in Their Hands: Scaffolding Academic Vocabulary Development Fri Jul 8th * Elementary Math Extravaganza: Children's ...

Dinah Zike Academy And Hill Country Retreat

Dinah Zike •Award-winning author, educator and inventor, known internationally for inventing and designing three-dimensional hands-on manipulatives and graphic organizers known as Foldables ô.

Foldables Correlated to USI

Engaging Students With Foldables Virginia Studies Presented by Susie Orr, Elementary Social Studies Specialist Kristine DeMarinis, Dranesville ES Fairfax County Public Schools Susan.Orr@fcps.edu Kristine.DeMarinis@fcps.edu 703-846-8703 This packet contains foldable templates that ...

Circulatory System Foldable Project

Circulatory System Foldable Project Students will create a circulatory system foldable that demonstrates the main objectives outlined below. The foldables must contain all pertinent information and be designed so they are legible and useful in studying.

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USING FOLDABLES IN THE TDMG MATHEMATICS CLASSROOM Comprehensive and Customized Solutions to Middle Grades Reform Volume 13 Issue 1 The Newsletter of the Talent Development Middle Grades Program By Linda Andersen Cass Lake-Bena Middle School is in its third year of ...

Contributing Author - Dinah Zike Geometry - Concepts and ...

Geometry:Concepts and Applications iii Foldables. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Vocabulary Builder. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2