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FOCUS Piriformis Syndrome: Controversies Continue

Perle says that a plus for working the piri-formis as a DC is that even with chronic cases, it's possible to help the patient considerably with very few visits.

Confirmation of Needle Placement Within the Piriformis Muscle ...

T echnique A previously reported injection technique for piri-formis injections under fluoroscopic guidance is des cribed by Betts (7).

Piriformis Muscle Injection Using Ultrasonography and Motor ...

This technique involved the use of motor stimulation to better define the location of the piri-formis muscle. Fluoroscopy helped to ensure precise needle placement for an accurate injection.

Diagnosis and Management of Piriformis Syndrome: An ...

Las├Ęgue sign is localized pain when pressure is applied over the piri-formis muscle and its tendon, especially when the hip is flexed at an angle of 90degrees and the knee is extended. 25 Freiberg sign is pain experienced during passive internal rotation of the hip. 25 Pace sign, ...

The Relationship between Postural Asymmetry and Cycling Injuries

The left psoas, iliacus, TFL, and piri-formis and right adductor magnus, piriformis and vastus lateralis are all muscles that need to be inhibited in a forwardly rotated and anter iorly tipped left pelvis.


The Formis database is a popular source of bibliographic information on ant literature. The CMAVE website has a larger number of high-content pages than FESsite , which ...

CHAPTER 10 The Adult Hip Joint

... branches of the L4 to S3 nerve roots and usually courses anteriorly and medially to the piri-formis muscle. There is a spatial orientation of the two common divisions ...

Piriformis Syndrome

Internal rotation of the hip can facilitate identification of the piri-formis tendon as it is placed under tension. The sciatic nerve should be identified and a Penrose drain placed around the nerve as a constant reminder of its presence (Fig. 123.12).


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