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Avdelningen för Mineralteknik - International overview and ...

Avdelningen för Mineralteknik . International overview and outlook on comminution technology . Yanmin Wang and Eric Forssberg . Department of Chemical Engineering and Geosciences

Journal of Hazardous Materials B99 (2003) 243–263 ...

Journal of Hazardous Materials B99 (2003) 243–263 Mechanical recycling of waste electric and electronic equipment: a review Jirang Cui ∗, Eric Forssberg

Internal Communication in an MNC

International Business Master Thesis No 2001:50 Internal Communication in an MNC an underestimated key to success Sanna Forssberg & Siiri Malm

International Mineral Processing Congress (IMPC)*

Cyril O'Connor took over as the Chairman of the IMPC council from Prof. Eric Forssberg, in Istanbul. Prof. Forssberg very ably steered the IMPC council for twenty one years before passing on the baton to Prof. O'Connor.

Süreli Yayınlar 1985 Mining Magazine

... the dyna­ mics of grinding media in wet ball mill grinding D. W. Fuerstenau, K.S. Venkataraman and B. V. Velamakanni 269 Zeta-potential and adsorption studies of the chalcopyrite-sodium diethyl dithio car­ bamate system V. Mangalam and P.R. Khangaonkar 281 Principles of tabling R.Sivamohan and E. Forssberg ...

Problem solving in neurological physiotherapy - setting the scene

This is most likely because these children retain characteristics of the immature CNS, including co-contraction of the limb muscles (Forssberg 1985, Woollacott & Burtner 1996).

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are associated with deficits in VSWM (Westerberg, Hirvikoski, Forssberg, Klingberg, 2004). ThereisthereforeagreatneedforsensitivemeasuresofWMcapacity,especiallyinyoungchil-

J Neurophysiol 94:2045-2052, 2005. First published 25 May 2005;

Forssberg H, Grillner S, and Rossignol S. Phasic gain control of reflexes from the dorsum of the paw during spinal locomotion. Brain Res 132:

Water Management in Anglo Platinum Process Operations ...

Forssberg, K.S.E., Jönsson, H.R. and Pålsson, B.I. (1985). "Full Scale Test of Process Water Reuse in a Complex Sulphide Ore Circuit." In: K.S.E. Forssberg (Editor), Flotation of Sulphide Minerals.


repertoire of direction specific postural adjustments (Forssberg 1999, Hadders-Algra 2000). Additionally, differences in response rates were noted between the two standing