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C-83 FOXES Robert L. Phillips Wildlife Research Biologist Denver Wildlife Research Center USDA-APHIS-ADC Denver, Colorado 80225-0266 Robert H. Schmidt Assistant Professor Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Utah State University Logan, Utah 84322-5210 Fig. 1.

Foxes -- Red and Gray

This information is reprinted from Rescue Report , the newsletter of the Wildlife Rescue League. WRL is dedicated to the preservation of native wildlife through rehabilitation

RI DEM/Fish and Wildlife- Foxes in Rhode Island

Foxes in Rhode Island Like many carnivores, foxes have at times been both persecuted and valued by humans. They have been pursued by trappers for the value of their fur and as a game animal by hunters.

Gray Fox: Informational Series

W ILDLIFE IN C ONNECTICUT INFORMATIONAL SERIES GRAY FOX Urocyon cinereoargenteus CONNECTICUT DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION ● WILDLIFE DIVISION Identification: Foxes have pointed ears, an elongated snout (shorter and more cat-like in appearance in the gray fox than the red fox) and a ...


Foxes (Red and Gray) Curious about the flash of red fur that you may see at dawn or dusk? It's likely that you caught a quick glimpse of a fox. Like wolves and coyotes, these members of the dog family are part of Fairfax County's wildlife.


Foxes are members of the dog family, Canidae, just like domestic dogs and coyotes. Range Red foxes occur over most of North America from Baffin Island, Canada, and Alaska to the southern United States, except for coastal western Canada, Oregon, and California, the Great Plains, the southwestern ...


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Farmnote 115/2000 : Red fox

Foxes have a habit of burying excess food for later use. Reproduction and growth Foxes breed once a year, mating in June or July. The barking calls of foxes which are often heard during early winter are probably associated with pair formation and the start of courtship.

Living With Wildlife

Foxes typically use the transitional areas between these habitat types for most of their activities. Foxes are members of the dog family Canidae, and their general appearance is similar to that of domestic dogs and coyotes.

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