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Drillable Closeable FracPORT Sleeve Drillable Closeable ...

Packers Plus ® Product Overview 'R,W2QFH 'R,W5LJKW Some or all of the systems, methods or products discussed herein may be covered by one or more patents, or patents pending,

RepeaterPORT Sleeve

The tool string is pressured up further to open the FracPORT sleeve allowing stimulation fluid to flow into the annulus. A second actuation ball of the same size is inserted into the string and pumped down onto the RepeaterPORT sleeve seat.

Open-hole completion system enables multi-stage fracturing ...

This eliminates the problems encountered when cementing horizontal liners Figure 1 (above) illustrates the drillability of the FracPort seats, showing that eight seats were drilled out in 3.5 hours.

Packers Plus® StageFRAC™

FracPORT™ The FracPORT™ is a ball-actuated, hydraulically-activated flow port. The FracPORT™ is run between two RockSEAL ® II packers to allow specific zones of the wellbore to be isolated and selectively fractured.

Multi-Stage Fracturing of Horizontal Wells in the Bakken

A series of welsl have now been completed in the Bakken Formation utilizing mechanical activated open-hole packers and Fracport tools. The wells have performed substantially above average for the field, and show significant reduction in water cut compared to offsetting wells.