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Corresponding author: Ksenija Radoti, Centar za multidisciplinarne studije, * 29.Novembra 142, 11000 Beograd, F.R.Yugoslavia; fax (+381) 11 761 433; e-mail: xenia@ibiss.bg.ac.yu UDC 541.64 BIBLID 0021-3225 (1998) 34 p. 215-220 Conference paper FRACTAL DIMENSION OF LIGNIN STRUCTURE AT THE ...

I Introduction to Fractals

Reproduction of Hokusai painting and reference for all illustrations: Michael Frame, Fractal Geometry , Yale University, " Natural and "Fractal Geometry Panorama", ...


Contents iv Literature Number: BPRA065 List of Figures Figure 1: A copy machine that makes three reduced copies of the input image [Y]..... 2 Figure 2: The first three copies generated on the copying machine Figure 1.

Title: Affine Transformations and the "Fractal Fern"

Title: Affine Transformations and the "Fractal Fern" Link to Outcomes:!! Problem Solving* Students will demonstrate problem solving abilities by determining the preimage and all subsequent images to be generated, deciding which points are used in an affine transformation.

A Healthy Heart Is a Fractal Heart

from SIAM News , Volume 36, Number 7, September 2003 A Healthy Heart Is a Fractal Heart By Barry A. Cipra I have ideas and reasons, Know theories in all their parts, And never reach the heart.

Fractal Finance® 3.0

P REFACE Thank you for purchasing Fractal Finance. As the world leader in fractal analysis software, Tetrahex is sure that Fractal Finance will be a valuable addition to your trading arsenal.

Fractal Cutout

Fractals are SMART: Science, Math & Art! www.FractalFoundation.org Copyright 2010 Fractal Foundation, all rights reserved. 1 Fractal Cutout Teacher's Intro NM Math Standards: (K,1,2).A.1.3 Recognize, reproduce, describe, extend, and create repeating patterns. 2.M.2.3 Estimate measurements and ...

Fractal Sequences, Part 1: Overview

1 February 11, 2004; last revised December 15, 2004 Fractal Sequences, Part 1: Overview Infinity is where things happen that don't. —S. Knight Ever since Benoit Mandelbrot published his book on fractals [1], we've become accustomed to seeing fantastic and beautiful fractal images such as the ...

Estimating fractal dimension

-Henry Miller, "Interlude," Vol. 7, No. 6/June 1990/J. Opt. Soc. Am. A 1055 Estimating fractal dimension James Theiler Lincoln Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Lexington, Massachusetts 02173-9108 Received September 13, 1989; accepted November 21, 1989 Fractals arise from a ...


FRACTAL GEOMETRY Introduction to Fractal Geometry Fractal geometry is based on the idea of self-similar forms. To be self-similar, a shape must be able to be divided into parts that are smaller copies which are more or less similar to the whole.