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1 media release marriott hotels & resorts leverages equal strategy fragrancing solutions for its “great room” concept in malaysia singapore, november 2007

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Tau mai na o le pua ula – pick only that which is worthy to ...

Tau mai na o le pua ula – pick only that which is worthy to be in a garland – Fragrancing our Samoan indigenous culture

Nature's Alternative

The Lamp Aire fragrancing diffuser lamp is designed using catalytic combustion technology that purifies and cleanses the air with 100% therapeutic essential oils.

BISSELL Pet Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner Component Function Water

Fragrance Fragrancing Compound Ammonia Hydroxide Solution pH Control Agent, Corrosion Inhibitor Our Commitment to Safe Chemistry BISSELL strives to offer you safe and healthy products to clean up life’s messes.

Calculation of finished product concentration for ME

... Bath products 0.0785% Shower gel 0.3926% Toilet Soap 0.47% Hair Spray 0.314% 100% Using these percentages the daily exposure of 150 µg Methyleugenol for a typical 60 kg person is split up as follows: Body lotion 22,26 µg/day (= 14.84% of 150 µg/day) Face cream 4,71 EdT 58,89 (Fine fragrance 58,89) Fragrancing ...

Flying the flag

4 giftfocus Did you know … that over 90% of all scented candle users also use non-candle home fragrancing products? Therefore, the opportunity to sell an array of home fragrancing products to boost your sales is vast.

Continuous Odor Control System Dispenser

Toll Free: 1-800-440-5556 Web: www.airdelights. com Email: customer_service@airdelights.com FULL Y GUARANTEED AGAINST DEFECTS IN PARTS AND W ORKMANSHIP L I F E T I M E W A R R A N T Y 0 +1 +2 +3 +4 I N T E N S I T Y 60 - 90 DAYS FRESH SCENT FRESH SCENT Continuous Fragrancing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week " 5.368 inches 2.80 inches 402092 White ...

fall fragrance trends

Perhaps the most notable trend in fall fragrancing is the dreamlike or escapism quality of the scents. Using subtle layering and fusion, these fragrances can transport you away from the

Airlift Scentre®

The scents available are NABC Fresh Scent for light to medium fragrancing, while Cherry and Pina Colada are offered for those that require a stronger scent.