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Framebuffer Objects

ATI Technologies, Inc. http://www.ati. com/developer Copyright © ATI Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved. Framebuffer Objects Emil Persson ATI Technologies, Inc. epersson@ati.com Introduction Render-to-texture is one of the most important techniques in real-time rendering.

How to use framebuffer devices

The X Window System has been around for more than a decade. It's a tried and tested graphics interface for Linux desktop computers and other Unix workstations.


The OpenGL . The OpenGL Framebuffer Framebuffer Object Object Extension . Extension Simon Green . Simon Green NVIDIA Corporation NVIDIA Corporation

Framebuffer Object

Why Render To Texture? Why Render To Texture? • Allows results of rendering to framebufferto • Allows results of rendering to framebufferto be directly read as texture be directly read as texture • Better performance • Better performance-avoids copy from framebufferto texture-avoids copy ...

OpenGL ES 2.0 Development for the Tegra Platform

Framebuffer format(s) : When reading from or writing to the framebuffer, the compiler will need to be aware of whether the framebuffer format is fixed- or floating- point.

A smart frame buffer

The Western Research Laboratory (WRL) is a computer systems research group that was founded by Digital Equipment Corporation in 1982. Our focus is computer science research relevant to the design and application of high performance scientific computers.

mjb – July 31, 2007 Rendering to an Offscreen Framebuffer ...

1 mjb – July 31, 2007 Rendering to an Offscreen Framebuffer and Rendering to a Texture Mike Bailey Oregon State University mjb – July 31, 2007

GTK+for the LinuxFramebuffer

GTK+for the LinuxFramebuffer Alexander Larsson Red Hat, Inc. alexl@redhat.com In the upcoming GTK+2.0 release GTK+will support rendering directly to the framebuffer instead of using the XWindowSystem.

The RFB Protocol Tristan Richardson RealVNC Ltd (formerly of ...

of the framebuffer tend to happen soon after one another. With a slow client and/or network, transient states of the framebuffer can be ignored, resulting in less network

Terminal Mode Deep Dive Presenter: Matthias Benesch, Daimler ...

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