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David A. Beyer, Esq.

A franchisor, like any other principal, is responsible for the acts or omissions of a franchisee who is, in fact, operating as the franchisor's agent.


INSURING AGAINST FRANCHISOR VICARIOUS LIABILITY Presented by Susan Vincent, Esq. Strasburger & Price, LLP 600 Congress Avenue Suite 2600 Austin, TX 78701 (512) 499-3620 and G. Thomas MacIntosh, II, Esq. Mackall Crounse & Moore PLC 1400 AT&T Tower 901 Marquette Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55402 (612 ...

Every franchisor has success

In a typical janitorial cleaning franchise, you pay the franchisor a fee for a "package" of cleaning accounts. The fee is based on the dollar value of cleaning accounts that the franchisor will make available.

Questions you should ask when evaluating a franchise - Small ...

Small Business Victoria Checklist Checklist for evaluating a franchise and franchisor . Main topics: Questions you should ask when evaluating a franchise (the business)

When the Franchisor Fails

3 About the Survey At least 40 franchisors failed in Australia between 1990 and 2005. (Appendix 1) Approximately 1090 franchisees and their families were directly affected.

n 4. Ag reements that are silent about w hat standard applies ...

Ag reements that require the franchisor to act reasonab ly or not act unreasonab ly 2. A greem ents that prohibit the franchisor from acting arbitrarily 3.


April 2007 - PAGE 3 BALCH & BINGHAM LLP agent [of the franchisor]; it must be established that the [franchisor] held out the [franchisee] as its agent."

DOR-5308 Application for Motor Vehicle Franchisor ...

Names of PRINCIPAL CORPORATE OFFICERS and their POSITION TITLES (use separate sheet if needed). I hereby certify the following: 1. I am an authorized officer employed by the franchisorident ifiedonthis application; 2.

Can Franchisors Control Franchisee Prices?

Practices that directly produce lower consumer prices or increase competition that likely will result in driving down prices are very rarely challenged or found to violate any antitrust law, state or federal. 1 Strong proof that the franchisor's price control will actually promote competition (even ...

What to Consider Before Buying a Franchise

Also, find out what factors could affect the franchisee's ability in the future to obtain essential goods economically from a reliable source. • The franchisor may be bought out or may go out of business.