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Private Stored Grain Fumigation Manual

Fumigants1-3 Chapter 1: FUMIGANTS Learning Objectives: ←List the three most widely used fumigants in the agriculture industry and the most widely used fumigant for stored grain in Minnesota. ←Know which fumigant must never be applied while wearing gloves. ←List three financial factors to ...

MBC-33 Soil Fumigant

RESTRICTED USE PESTICIDE DUE TO ACUTE TOXICITY For retail sale to and use by certified applicators or persons under their direct supervision and only for those uses covered by the certified applicator's certification.

Vapam HL Label, EPA# 5481-468

EPA Reg. No. 5481-468 EPA Est. No. n5481-CA-1 n1448-MO-1 n61842-WA-1 nOther_____ Net Contents: As Marked on Container 4100 E. Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90023 U.S.A 1-323-264-3910 A SOIL FUMIGANT SOLUTION FOR SPECIFIC CROPS AS LISTED IN THIS LABEL RESTRICTED USE PESTICIDE Due to acute ...

Soil Fumigant Mitigation Factsheet: Implementation Schedule

Implementation Schedule Office of Pesticide Programs (7506P) October 2010 EPA 738-F-10-003 Soil Fumigant Mitigation Factsheet: Changes that Go Into Effect in 2010 Soil Fumigant Mitigation: Implementation Schedule 1 EPA is requiring important new safety measures for soil ...

Zythor Fumigant

Zythor Fumigant Structure Occupant Fact Sheet Fumigant Preparation Checklist You have decided to have your property fumigated and your fumigator has chosen to use Zythor Fumigant.

Soil Fumigant Mitigation Factsheet: 2010 Site-Specific ...

Soil Fumigant Mitigation Factsheet: 2010 Site-Specific Fumigant Mangement Plans and Post-Application Summaries

Soil Fumigation

5 C HAPTER 1 Importance of Fumigant Product Labeling Parts of this study guide discuss instructions and restrictions for handling fumigant pesticides.


")Applying the Fumigant — Release the required amount of fumigant from outside the stack based on the cubic measurement of the stack. 6. Removing the Cover — When fumigation is finished, pull the tarpaulin back only partially and leave it for about 30 minutes.

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You may not affix or display the FUMIGANT marking on a transport vehicle, freight container or railcar unless it contains lading which has been fumigated or is undergoing fumigation.

fum mgmt plan.doc Grain Template

fumigant above the STEL for that fumigant. (Check all that apply; supply further details under “Other”) o Connections will be sealed off using polyethylene sheeting, tape, etc.