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E2 Electric Furnace

4 E2 Service Manual MODEL IDENTIFICATION CODE E 2 EB - 010 H - A Electrical Code H - 240-1-60 Product Type E -Electric Furnace Primary Capacity 010 - 10 kw 012 - 12 kw 015 - 15 kw 017 - 17 kw 020 - 20 kw 023 - 23 kw Generation 2 - Second Series Options A -A/C Ready Product Identifier EH - Heat ...

Gas-Fired Vented FLOOR FURNACE

INSTALLATION AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS P/N 74521 REV. 10/08 MODEL NUMBERS MILLIVOLT CONTROL SYSTEM NATURAL GAS 90N30A 90N50A 90N65A 90N75A The coating selected to provide longer life to the heat exchanger may smoke slightly upon initial firing.

Econo 100 & 200 Renewable Energy Outdoor Furnace

4 VERY IMPORTANT SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS FOR FUTURE REFERENCE 1. This product should be installed in accordance to local electrical and building codes.

Introducing US Furnaces, LLC Aluminum Sweat Furnace

Introducing US Furnaces, LLC Aluminum Sweat Furnace "Now, that's an afterburner!" US Furnaces, LLC., 20 Roosevelt Blvd. Cohoes, NY 12047 www.recyclingfurnaces.com PH: (518) 424-1168 FAX (518)233-0006

Furnace Fans - 2. Definitions

Furnace Fans 1. Scope The ENERGY STAR furnace eligibility requirements will eventually reference the DOE furnace fan test procedure, currently under development.

Performance™ 80 Oil Furnaces

Oil Furnaces with up to 85.0% AFUE Performance™ 80 Oil Furnaces As an ENERGY STAR ® partner, Carrier Corporation has determined that the Performance™ 80 oil furnace meets ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency.


You depend on your furnace to keep your family warm and comfortable. That's why we build every Trane 95 gas furnace to operate as quietly and reliably as possible.

Desert Spring Products Power Humidifier Installation Instructions

DS 2001 REVISED Humidifier Assembly and Instruction Manual Warning • Disconnect electrical power to the furnace before starting electrical installation.

Gas Furnaces Product List

Manufacturer Name Product Family Name Fuel Type AFUE Rating Model Series Maytag Condensing Furnace Gas 92.1 All MGF1TC Maytag Condensing Furnace Gas 92.1 All PGF1TC models Maytag Condensing Furnace Gas 95.1 All MGF1TE models Maytag Condensing Furnace Gas 95.1 All PGF1TE models Meridian Gas 90.4 CCA ...


GAS FURNACE User's Information Manual for the operation and maintenance of model GA1A or GA2A Gas Furnace NOTE: This manual must be left with the equipment user.