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(GC5-165 9/2011) Our Mission: Protect the public by ensuring that gambling is legal and honest. Page 1 of 4 Illegal Internet Gambling Washington State Gambling Commission Mailing Address: P.O. Box 42400, Olympia, WA 98504-2400 Located at: 4565 7 th Avenue SE, Lacey, WA 98503 (360) 486-3440 Toll ...


GAMBLING: WHAT ARE THE ODDS? TYLERJ. JARVIS Many arguments against gambling have been made, and they generally center around the negative consequences that result from gambling, including greatly increased crime, the destruction of family and society, and the many problems that result from ...

Gambling Prevalence in Maryland: A Baseline Analysis

UMBC Maryland Institute for Policy Analysis and Research Page | v GAMBLING PREVALENCE IN MARYLAND: A BASELINE ANALYSIS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A survey of Maryland households in 2010 found that almost 90 percent of the Maryland population has ever gambled in their lifetime, with 21.9 percent gambling ...

Gambling and College Students: Literature Review

1 Gambling and College Students: Literature Review Introduction Today's college students live in a culture more accepting of gambling than any previous generation.


Slot machines most frequently listed type of gambling. 3 most cited reasons for not gambling were no fun or interest, possibility of loss and ethical/moral concerns ...

Gambling License Certification Program

Our Mission: Protect the Public by Ensuring that Gambling is Legal and Honest

Talking to Students About

W e need to start now to prepare teens for what can happen to their lives and their futures if they get too involved with gambling. Prevention efforts designed specifically for adolescents are critical.

Gambling— Lottery and Riverboats

© Indiana Historical Bureau 1995 Gambling—Lottery and Riverboats 3 The Issue The state should allow gambling. •Constitution of Indiana Article 15, Section 8.


Gambling's Impacts on People and Places Page 7-1 C HAPTER 7. G AMBLING ' S I MPACTS ON P EOPLE AND P LACES "Gambling is inevitable. No matter what is said or done by advocates or opponents in all its various forms, it is an activity that is practiced, or tacitly endorsed, by a substantial ...

Charitable Gambling in Minnesota

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