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- In precinct №42 of Shuakhevi district, the village Gamgebeli Aleksandre Sharashidze interrupted PEC commission work, which became the reason for a conflict with PEC member Amiran Chaghalidze and a physical confrontation.

Open Society - Georgia Foundation Annual Report 1999

... in the International workshop "Symmetry and Spin Physics" (Prague,Czekh Republic) $ 777.7 Nana Kutateladze Participation in the 12th International Palladian Seminar "Palladio and Antique Art" (Rome,Italy) $ 823.15 Irakli Adeishvili Study at Summer school in the Stadschlaining (Austria) $ 743 Zurab Gamgebeli ...

The Organic Law of Georgia: Unified Election Code of Georgia

Candidate to the position of gamgebeli - a citizen of Georgia presented by a Party (election bloc) or by an initiative group of voters for elections of a gamgebeli ; r).


The participants included the Gamgebeli or deputy Gamgebeli of the municipality, the Sakrebulo budget commission chair, head of the finance department, chief budget officer and chief accountant.

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Local Government in Georgia

The head of local administration ( gamgebeli ) was nominated by the prefect and confirmed by the local council. The second level consisted of districts and cities with special status.


... A stone / earth filled open wire mesh container used to strengthen river banks, steep slopes and foundations Gale A gale is labelled as a scale 8 wind on the Beaufort Scale and is defined by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) as a wind travelling between 34-40 knots (17-20m/s) Gamgebeli Head of ...


Other On December 10, 2008, CELD CBED Program Manager and the Deputy Chief of Party met with the Borjomi Municipality Sakrebulo Chair, Gamgebeli, and the Economic Development Department Head to discuss the municipality's current activities, changes in the budget and economy after the conflict, and ...

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International Human Rights Instruments

The nine groups of districts are headed by officials appointed by the President; the districts are headed by gamgebeli (heads of executive organs) and district/urban boards (elective bodies).