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Gaskets: The Weakest Link Careful design and selection will ...

Gaskets: The Weakest Link Careful design and selection will avoid leaking flanges and costly shutdowns By Trinath Sahoo, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd .

More Choices to Meet a Steady Need

Applications such as cable and DSLmodems and hard disk drives that previously did not need EMI gaskets are now requiring higher levels of shielding due to advancements in technology and functionality.


245 Riverchase Parkway East, Suite O, Birmingham, Alabama 35244 205-402-8700 Fax 205-402-8730 http://www.dipra.org _____ GASKET MATERIALS USED FOR DUCTILE IRON PIPE IN WATER AND SEWAGE ...

Garlock Metallic Gasket Catalog

Other Metal Gaskets Garlock manufactures a wide variety of double-jacketed, spiral-wound, metal-clad and solid metal gaskets for heat exchanger and coker applications.

Gaskets, Boilers, and Asbestos

Beware of asbestos If you work around boilers and pipes, you should know that friable asbestos (asbestos that is easily crumbled, pulverized, or powdered) was installed in some boiler components until around 1985.


FULL FACE FLANGE-TYTE ® Gasket U. S. PIPE AND FOUNDRY CO. FULL FACE FLANGE-TYTE ® Gaskets BRO-023 Revised 03.10 866. D IP.P IPE NSF ® P 3 2010 EDITION The FULL FACE FLANGE-TYTE Gasket is a high performance gasket for flanged joint piping systems.

Glossary of Basic Gasket Terms

Spiral Wound Gaskets (S.W.G) : Spiral wound gaskets are made of a metal coil, or winding, with a material filler. Spiral wounds allow for a higher bolt loading of the pipe flanges.

We have been tested and achieved this

In Europe, one of the most demanding certificates with respect to leakage is the TA-Luft Certificate. TA-Luft is an industrial testing guideline established to allow end users to compare different style and makes of gaskets against each other.

Understanding Multi-Layer Steel (MLS) Gaskets

TEC TIP Understanding Multi-Layer Steel (MLS) Gaskets FEL-PRO ® GASKETS What are Multi-Layer Steel (MLS) Head Gaskets? The latest development in head gasket technology is the multi-layer steel (MLS) design.

Technical Da Ta Gruvlok® Gasket Styles

Technical Data Rev. 03.03.06-008 For the latest UL/ULC Listed and FM Approved pressure ratings, versus pipe schedule, go to www.anvilstar.com or contact your local AnvilStar representative Submittal Sheet claMp-T ® These gaskets conform to the curved exterior of the pipe to provide a pressure ...