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HISTORY OF GELATO The History of Gelato dates back to the 16 th century. There is some confusion in the origin as to where or who really invented gelato.

Café Gelato

Gelato Bambini Cup Small Cup (1 flavor) Medium Cup (2 flavor) Large Cup (3 flavor) Single Scoop Cone Double Scoop Cone Pint Of Gelato To Go Quart Of Gelato To Go 2 Quarts Of Gelato To Go Pastries Fresh Filled Cannoli Ginetti, Baci Cookie, Cherry Cookie, Russian Tea Cake Rugalasch Tuscan Almond ...


AUTHENTIC ITALIAN GEL ATE RIA NS AT ON OFFERING ORIGI NAL RECIPES IN AN ITALIAN ENVIRONMENT A real Italian Gelateria in West Boca! The Gelato Shoppe Petrini opened its doors on February 12 th at the West Boca Place shopping center on Glades Road.

I *Gelato

I *Gelato Application for Employment Name: Social security Number: Address Street: City: Zip: Telephone: Home: ( ) Cell: ( ) Are you over 18 years of age?

What is Gelato?

Pastries Cakes & Mousses Chocolate Royal Cake Coconut Lime Cake Pistachio Belize Cake Hazelnut Mousse Lemon Meringue Mousse Mango Mousse Milk Chocolate Pecan Mousse Individual Size 2.99 6 inch (serves 8) 21.99 Ice Cream Cakes Ice cream cakes are made to order using any gelato flavor.

HP/Gelato Workshop

HP/Gelato Workshop: Improving the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) on Itanium January 26-27, 2005, Geneva, Switzerland Attendees Arutyun Avetisyan Russian Academy of Science

Software Pipelining of Loops with Early Exits for the Itanium ...

Software Pipelining of Loops with Early Exits for the Itanium™ Architecture Kalyan Muthukumar ↑ Dong-Yuan Chen ξ Youfeng Wu ξ Daniel M. Lavery √ ↑ Intel Technology India Pvt Ltd 17 Mahatma Gandhi Road Bangalore 560 001, India ξ Intel Microprocessor Research Labs 2200 Mission College ...

-Selection of Flavors-

-Selection of Flavors-Gelato and Sorbetto Gelato: Toasted Almond Fig Toasted Almond chocolate chip Amaretto infused with Disarrno Avocado (available with cayenne pepper) Banana Fudge with Toasted Almonds Buttered brown sugar (available with cinnamon, banana or rum) Buttermilk (available with ...

Difference between Gelato and Ice Cream

Difference between Gelato and Ice Cream •Gelato's butterfat 7-12% Cream's butterfat 14-40% •Gelato's creaminess comes from density, NOT FAT!


94 BY PAUL LUDWIG PHOTOS BY KAY CRANE ENTREPRENEUR W HEN THEY GET AN IDEA, affable hosts Jim and Paula Hawkins of Gelato Junction never give up. “We’re driven,” says Jim.