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GENERALIZATION OF BUILDING POLYGONS EXTRACTED FROM IKONOS IMAGERY Jie Shan D. Scott Lee Geomatics Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907-1284, USA

Vector Approaches to Generalizing Faults and Polygons in 1 ...

A strictly geometric approach to generalization neglects the variable levels of "importance" of certain map elements, which is particularly crucial in a geologic setting when some of those elements have the capacity to cause a natural disaster.

generalize training , you

Marthina McClay - 1 - Dog Trainer Behavioral Counselor Generalization Have you ever heard someone say, " Oh, Fido doesn't jump at home, he can do a down-stay in my kitchen for 10 minutes , " after Fido has just leapt onto your shoulders and knocked you down outside of PetSmart?

Generalization, similarity, and Bayesian inference

1. Introduction Consider the hypothetical case of a doctor trying to determine how a particular hormone, naturally produced by the human body, affects the health of patients.


CARTOGRAPHIC GENERALIZATION IN A DIGITAL ENVIRONMENT: WHEN AND How To GENERALIZE K. Stuart Shea The Analytic Sciences Corporation (TASC) 12100 Sunset Hills Road Reston, Virginia 22090 Robert B. McMaster Department of Geography Syracuse University Syracuse, New York 13244-1160 ABSTRACT A key ...

Cultural Generalization 1

Cultural Generalization 1 Running Head: CULTURAL GENERALIZATION OF NON-COGNITIVE CONCEPTS Cultural generalization of non-cognitive concepts: Implications for measurement Elaine M. Rodeck Barbara S. Plake Susan L. Davis Buros Center for Testing University of Nebraska-Lincoln Paper Presented at ...

Early algebra and mathematical generalization

ORIGINAL ARTICLE Early algebra and mathematical generalization DavidW. Carraher ÆMaraV. Martinez Æ Analu´ciaD. Schliemann Accepted: 23 September 2007 /Publishedonline: 27 November 2007!

Representing Generalization/Specialization inXMLSchema

Representing Generalization/Specialization inXMLSchema Reema Al-Kamh a1 David W. Embley 1 Stephen W. Liddle 2 1 Computer Science Department 2 Information Systems Department Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah 84602, U.S.A. reema@cs.byu.edu, embley@cs.byu.edu, liddle@byu.edu Abstract: XML is an ...

The role of examples informing and refuting generalizations

We share with the readers experiences in which examples supported generalization, and elucidate the strategies that worked for us in these circumstances, pre-sumingthat similar strategies could be helpful with other students in other settings.

Generalization Ekkehart Schlichtá

Generalization Ekkehart Schlich t á A BSTRACT Psychological generalization is a pervasive phenomenon. The formation of customs, habits and conventions rely on it.