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2 Steam Traps Type SBO Gravity circulation checks are used to prevent gravity circu lation in heating and hot-water installations. Depending on

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Experience In Motion Press Release GESTRA AG Münchener Straße 77 · D-28215 Bremen Tel.: +49 421 35 03-0 · Fax +49 421 35 03-393 Mail: gestra.ag@flowserve.com · Web: www. gestra.de Safety and Energy Savings - New Systems from GESTRA for Optimizing Boiler Plants At this year's ACHEMA - the ...

GESTRA Steam System Solutions

www.flowserve.co m With Energy into the Future 5 4 GESTRA Steam traps, Trap monitoring Trap monitoring Evaluating whether a trap works properly is an important theme when you think of site availability and energy savings.

GESTRA Information A 2.6

Issue Date: 9/06 GESTRA Steam Systems GESTRA Information A 2.6 Sizing and Installation of Check (Non-Return) Valves Sizing Check valves are generally sized in accordance with the pipe diameter, the size of the pump-outlet socket or any other existing pipe socket.

GESTRA Steam Traps - The Next Generation

GESTRA...EVERY DAY BETTER MARKETING INFORMATION Issue 6.99 GESTRA Steam Traps - The Next Generation The new BK 45 - the latest addition to the Rhombusline family New Features: Improved mode of operation thanks to technically advanced regulator: Quicker response to variations in operating ...


This steam trap will prevent steam from blowing though the pump and entering the condensate return line. Consult GESTRA for the proper steam trap sizing and selection.

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Automatic Drainage of Steam and Condensate Systems During Start-Up and Shut-Down

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Special Equipment and Vessels for Heat Recovery www.gestra.de 4 5 PED 1 Conformity assessment diagram PS (bar) 0,1 1 10 100 1.000 10.000 V (l) I

GESTRA Steam Systems

Steam-Powered Condensate-Return Unit FPS 14 Issue Date: 4/06 Product Range C4 GESTRA Steam Systems FPS 14 Description The steam-powered condensate-return unit type FPS 14 collects and pumps condensate by means of booster steam in level-dependent intervals.

GESTRA Equipment for Energy Supply Centres

4 Overview Reliability, availability and economy have always enjoyed top priority in boiler operation. To an increasing extent, another aspect is being