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English Phonetics and Phonology 1

Gimson, A. 1994. Gimson's Pronunciation of English . (5th edition; revised by A. Cruttendon) London: Arnold. • Hall, T. 2000. Phonologie . Berlin: de Gruyter.

English Phonetics: 1

1 Gimson, A.C. (2001). Gimson's Pronunciation of English. 6th edition. Revised by Alan Cruttenden. London: Arnold.

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CDC, William (Bill) H. Gimson, on December 10 th, 2008 in MLA style. (see answer on page 3) 3. WEB SOURCES… 9 Find examples at: http://www.mla.org/style_faq4

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From "RP" to "Estuary English": The concept 'received' and ...

Even Gimson eventually acknowledged this by writing about 'The RP Accent' (G IMSON 1984). Since then the development has been such that today no form of traditional RP can be classed as unmarked.

CAMBRIDGE English Pronouncing Dictionary

From the 13 th edition, Gimson was assisted by Dr. Susan Ramsaran, and in her preface to the 14 th edition she notes that they had been making plans for a 15 th edition at the time of Gimson's death.

Standard Languages and Language Standards

Gimson, A.C.(1978) "Towards an International Pronunciation of English" In: P. Strevens (ed.) In Honour of A.S. Hornby . Oxford: OUP. Jenkins, J. (2000) The Phonology of English as an International Language.

The Sound Structure of English, website 8

My variety /*p*n nsp*k*n ** **dz w* damd*d / / / / RP /*p*n nspek*n ** **dz w* dæmd*d / / / / Links and further reading One valuable resource is the introduction to and description of the short vowels found in A.C. Gimson (1994) ( Gimson's pronunciation of English , 4 th edition revised by Alan Cruttenden.

British and American Pronunciation Snezhina Dimitrova

2 The terms "General", "Conservative", and "Advanced RP" were used by Gimson (1970), whereas Cruttenden (1994), following Wells (1982), prefers to talk about "3 main types of RP: General RP, Refined RP and Regional RP" (1994:81). 3 The term "BBC pronunciation" was first put forward in the Introduction to ...