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Giora Proskurowski • WHOI MS#4 • Woods Hole, MA 02543 • 508.289.3698 • giora@whoi.edu G IORA P ROSKUROWSKI e-mail : giora@whoi.edu Home Address: Work Address: 461 Locustfield Rd Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution East Falmouth, MA 02536 266 Woods Hole Rd, MS#4 ph. 508.444.6086 Woods ...

GIORA M. LEBL Telephone: (203) 263 5515

J. LINMAR INTERNATIONAL LTD. P. O. Box 944, Woodbury, CT 06798 U.S.A. GIORA M. LEBL Telephone: (203) 263 5515 P.O. Box 944 FAX: (203) 266 9091 Woodbury, CT 06798-0944 USA Cell: (203) 232 8407 Email:g.lebl@linmarintl.com ...

The Upheavals in the Middle East and Israel's Security ...

The Upheavals in the Middle East and Israel's Security | Giora Eiland The West Responds to the Arab Spring | Oded Eran A Golden Opportunity? Al-Qaeda and the Uprisings in the Middle East | Yoram Schweitzer and Gilad Stern A Palestinian State from Theory to Practice: The Challenges Facing the ...

Dr. Giora Yaron

Dr. Giora Yaron Over the past few years, Dr. Yaron has cofounded a group of International based startups with primary focus on Data center virtualization and Communication Networks; ExaNet Inc .

Dr. Giora (Georg) Josephthal, Nuremberg

Dr. Giora (Georg) Josephthal, Nuremberg (9.8.1912 in Nuremberg - 22.8.1962 in Lucerne; buried in Kibbutz Gal-Ed) (photo: private) Family background Giora (originally Georg) Josephthal came from a liberal Jewish family which had lived in Central Franconia since, at least, the 17 th century.

Irony: Context and Salience

Evidence supporting the direct access view of irony comes from equal reading times of ironic andnonironic utterances (Gibbs, 1986a, 1986b; Gibbsetal., 1995; see Giora, 1995, and Dews&Winner, 1997, fora critique of some of the findings).

Pisces, Gymnotiformes, Hypopomidae, Brachyhypopomus gauderio ...

Specimens were preserved in 10% formalin and later identified based primarily on Giora and Malabarba (2009). Specimens examined were stored at the Ichthyology Laboratory in the same university (FURG 3018).

Defensible Borders on the Golan Heights

Defensible Borders on the Golan Heights Maj.-Gen. (res.) Giora Eiland Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs)ר"ע( הנידמו רוביצ יניינעל ימלשוריה זכרמה

Global Perspectives on Counterterrorism

Global Perspectives on Counterterrorism Amos N. Guiora, S.J. Quinney College of Law, University of Utah 2007. Approx. 500 pages. Paperback. ISBN: 978-0-7355-6800-6.

Understanding figurative and literal language: The graded ...

198 R. Giora ~ To be able to argue that a triggering condition is not necessary for nonliteral interpretation of novel metaphors, one should show that, for example, a literally appropriate discourse, which exhibits no rule viola­ tion, may havea metaphorical interpretation.