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Projecting of Territory of the Republic of Kosova in Several ...

For a few months on years 2004 and 2005 she worked voluntarily in cadastral office of Gjilan municipality. From February 2009, she works in Kosova Cadastral Agency-Prishtina.


The super-large former SOE slaughter facility in Gjilan that is being leased by LGB does have capability to process thousands of broilers per day— ...


... Prizren, Gjakova, Gjilan, Vushtrri, Mitrovica and Besiana are property of the respective Municipalities All the centers have two rooms, ...


On September 15, a bomb exploded near the Gnjilane/Gjilan apartment of Kosovo Interior Minister Fatmir Rexhepi, destroying his wife's car. An investigation was ongoing at year's end.

Who we are!

Who we are! Gjilan is a city of 140,000 people located 45 km southeast of Pristina -the capital of Kosova. The Health Authority of the Gjilan Municipality includes 13 Family Medicine Centers and 16 Family Medicine Punkts.

Broadcasters in Kosovo's Gjilan/Gnjilane Region

Broadcasters in Kosovo's Gjilan/Gnjilane Region R049 Radio KLOKOT Kllokot / Klokot 101.6low power Serbiannone Nikola StolicKlokot 0280/85 016 063/847499 sipkaman@yahoo.com R051 Radio KOMPASPasjan / Pasjane 100.4low power Serbiannone Dragan Nikolic 038/27 335 063/7268819 063/8300808 064/4514311 ...

Broadcasters in Kosovo's Gjilan/Gnjilane Region

Broadcasters in Kosovo's Gjilan/Gnjilane Region R045 Radio KAMENICAKamenicë / Kamenica98.8K-L Albanian Serbian and Roma Bashkim Avdyli and Ljubisa Denkovic are official representatives of the NGO "Voice of Understanding" UNMIK Building 0280 72 289 radiokamenica@hotmail.com R049 Radio KLOKOT ...

Police in Kosovo 2001

... services has been seriously damaged by the TPIU.§" Before I was sold to the Bar in Prizren, I was held in an apartment in Gjilan for 4 days I was raped by the guards several times.

PART III Annexes

• In Gnjilane/Gjilan, unknown individuals broke into a Kosovo Serb apartment and changed the locks. 95 • KFOR from Vitina/Viti confirmed that approximately 100 vehicles carrying Kosovo Serb families left Vitina/Viti heading out of Kosovo.


Claim intake is ongoing at the following offices Kosovo-wide: KPA Gjilan/Gnjilane Rade Popovic/Washington Street Tel: 0280 20 289 - fax: 0280 24 067 KPA Mitrovicë/a Southern part : ...