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Aspects of Early Buddhist Sociological Thought

Aspects of Early Buddhist Sociological Thought Ven. Pategama Gnanarama Ph.D. First published in Singapore, 1998 Published by Ti-Sarana Buddhist Association ISBN: 981-04-0555-3 Ti-Sarana Buddhist Association 90 Duku Road Singapore 429254 © Pategama Gnanarama 1998 All right reserved.

Essentials of Buddhism

4 There has been a noticeable lack of a good textbook on Buddhism for university and college students. Ven. Gnanarama's book on Essentials of Buddhism meets this demand very successfully.


As Venerable Gnanarama emphasizes, Buddhism views social problems from an ethico-social angle (Gnanarama, 1996. p. 127.) and furthermore denotes: „[The Cakkavattisutta ] shows a causal relationship between material poverty and social deterioration and indicates that the Buddhist emphasis on karma ...

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Most Venerable Matara Sri Gnanarama Mahopadyan Wahanse 1 | Biographies of Sinhala Sangha Fathers awQ pRjnWy, m@h''`~p`{&`y m`wr XYW Z`N`r`m m`hQmQp`Nn~ vhn~@s~ qkONE lk m`wr @p@q@s~ bj~jm, tQk~k`n~@g`d (q#n~ : udE@v|), @qq~qRv jywO"Ag@g~ @q`n~ bs~wQyn~ qm|pwWhE 1901 @qs#m|br ms 11 vn qQn pEw~ r ...

'Buddhism in the New Century'

Pategama Gnanarama Thero (Buddhist and Pali College of Singapore) 4. Ven. Devinda (Buddhist and Pali Univ, Sri Lanka) 5. Phramaha Vajra Thitamedho (Wat Jansangrama, BKK) Moderator: Ven. Phramaha Chatchai Suchattajayo ( Faculty of Education, MBU) 9.45 AM Panel discussion on 'Buddhist Literature' 1.

Inner Peace and Outer Peace: A Buddhist Contemplative Perspective

An Aspect of Buddhist Social Philosophy (Kandy: BPS No 128/129 1969)----- Dhamma, Man , and Law (Singapore : Buddhist Research Society, 1992)-----and G.P. Malalasekera Buddhism and Race (UNESCO, 1958) Ven. Pategama Gnanarama.


Among the scholars whom I have referred to above are Dr. Rhys Davids, Miss I. B. Horner, Ven. Pandit Dhammananda Kosambi - the author of "Bhagavān Buddha", Ven, Pandit Narawela Dhamma-ratana, Ven. U. Vangeesa, author of "Bhikṣuṇī Śāsanaya", and Ven. Pandit Pathegama Gnanarama, the author of "Th ...


ISLA. de. LUZ. Budismo en Sri Lanka. Una Historia y Guía Concisas. de sus Lugares Sagrados. T Y Lee. Prólogo del Ven. P. Gnanarama, Ph. D.


ปเตกามะ ญาณารามะ ( Venerable Dr. Pategama Gnanarama) ผู้อํานวยการ วิทยาลัยพุทธศาสนาและภาษาบาลี ประเทศสิงคโปร์ ...