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Wilson Bull., 92(4), 1980, pp. 497-505 CHOICE OF NEST BOXES BY COMMON GOLDENEYES IN ONTARIO HARRY G. LUMSDEN, R. E. PAGE AND M. GAUTHIER Nest boxes were hung on trees for Common Goldeneyes (Bucephala clangula) in Scandinavia over 240 years ago (Linnaeus in Phillips 1925, Lloyd 1854) to provide a ...

ADW: Dorosoma cepedianum: Information

Dorosoma cepedianum (American gizzard shad, eastern gizzard shad, gizzard shad, hickory shad, mud shad, golden eyes, stink shad, slicks, norwegian herring, skipjack, slimebal, mud shad, or skipjack) ADW: Dorosoma cepedianum: Information

A Hybrid Between Barrow's and Common Goldeneyes

Upper Sonoran Zone gradually takes over towards the head of the canyon in bottom is characterized by huge cottonwoods (Populus fremontii) and sycamores A Hybrid Between Barrow's and Common Goldeneyes

A Blood Survey of Elements, Viral Antibodies, and ...

Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 44(2), 2008, pp. 486-493 # Wildlife Disease Association 2008 A Blood Survey of Elements, Viral Antibodies, and Hemoparasitesin Wintering Harlequin Ducks (Histrionicus Histrionicus) and Barrow's Goldeneyes (Bucephala Islandica) DarrylJ.

Rock River Wildlife Management Area

Birds The floodplain forest along the river provides habitat for cavity-nesting ducks like wood ducks, common goldeneyes and hooded mergansers. Black ducks, mallards, and blue-winged teals also breed here.

Minnesota Waterfowl Migration and Hunting Report

Mallards and some of the late season species such as buffleheads, goldeneyes, and big mergansers are still present in some areas, but significant amount of ice are present.


WILDLIFE TECHNIQUES NRM 4407, Spring 2008 AGING AND SEXING GAME BIRDS Be able to identify the following: 1. Sex and species of dabbling ducks: a. black duck ( Anas rubripes) b. mallard ( Anas platyrhynchos ) c. gadwall ( Anas strepera) d. northern pintail ( Anas acuta) e.

State of Utah News Release

- Utah hunters do not take many common goldeneyes either. Goldeneyes do not start arriving in Utah until mid-November. Only two percent of the ducks taken by

Build a duck nest box

Wood ducks, Barrow's goldeneyes, common goldeneyes, hooded mergansers, common mergansers and buffleheads are all cavity nesting ducks. They build nests in abandoned woodpecker holes or natural tree cavities caused by disease, fire or lightning.


Barrow's Goldeneye Barrow's Goldeneye Population Objective: Maintain or increase the wintering population of Barrow's Goldeneyes in Maine at 2006 levels through 2021.