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The Boke named The Governour

The Boke named The Governour I. The significacion of a publike weale, and why it is called in latyne Respublica II. That one souaraigne gouernour ought to be in a Publike weale, and what damage hath hapned by lackyng one soueraygne gouernour.

Efforts to colonize Virginia began in the 1580s, with the ...

exemplified and approued by the right honorable sir thomas west knight, lord lawair, lord gouernour and captaine generall the 12. of iune 1610. againe exemplified and enlarged by sir thomas dale knight, marshall, and deputie gouernour, the 22.


But yet here we sent certaine of our men to land to talke with the gouernour and people, as well for our good vsage at their handes, as also for prouision of camels to carry our goods from the sayd sea side to a place called Sellyzure, being from the place of our landing fiue and twentie dayes iourney.

A Brief and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia (1588)

A Rafe Lane one of her Maiesties Equieres and Gouernour of the Colony in Vir-ginia aboue mentioned for the time there resident. To the gentle Reader, wisheth all happines in the Lord.

Mutualities and Obligations: Social Relationships in Early ...

The Boke Named the Gouernour. Deuised by Sir Thomas Elyot, Knight, 2 vols. (New York, 1967), vol.1, pp. 1-8. M. Dewar ed., De Republica Anglorum by Sir Thomas Smith (Cambridge, 1982), pp. 57-9, 65-77.


3 Texts 104-106 Elyot's The Gouernour..... 3 Text 107 Puttenham.....6 Text 108 Verstegan.....7 Texts 109 & 110 John Hart.....9 Loan-words 1 500-1549..... 11 Ch 16 Text 115 Shakespeare ...

English Drama in the Sixteenth Century

Elyotemphasizes delight in The Gouernour (1531), andAschaminhis preface to The Scholemaster (1570) echoes Socrates, saying that''the schoolhouse should be indeed, as it is called byname, the house of play and pleasure[ ludisliterarum ].'' 16 Push-ingbeyondthe heuristic of play, Juan Luis ...

Leo Africanus' Description of West Africa (1500) Leo Africanus

But in the yeere of the Hegeira 380, by the meanes of a certaine Mahumetan which came into Barbarie, the residue of the said land was found out, being as then inhabited by great numbers of people, which liued a brutish and sauage life, without any king, gouernour, common wealth, or knowledge of ...


But sith 7 that dead men cannot helpe the chances of men that be liuing, he like a prudent gouernour appointed the earle of Suffolke to be his lieutenant and capteine of the siege, and ioined with him the lord Scales, the lord Talbot, sir John Fastolfe, and diuerse other right valiant capteins.

Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland, vol. 2

Well, howsoeuer it came first to be inhabited, likelie it is, that at the first the whole Ile was vnder one prince and gouernour, though afterwards (and long peraduenture before the Romans set any foot within it) the monarchie thereof was broken, euen when the multitude of the inhabitants grew to be ...