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JULIA CROWE. LETTER FROM NEW YORI(By JULIA CROWE LOS ANGELES guitarist and composer Evan Hirschelman is celebrating the release of his eponyrnous model steel-string acoustic guita-r' which took two collaborative years to come into fruition with the help of luthier John Slobod of Circa Guitars.

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GuitarEffectsOnline.com Welcome ***** Welcome! Let me begin by introducing myself…I'm Brian Wampler, the creator of the IndyGuitarist.com and GuitarTone.net products and websites, electronics tinkerer, a guitarist for 24 years, and a true Guitar tone nut!

Douglas Niedt, Guitarist: Official Website

Douglas Niedt's GUITAR TECHNIQUE TIP OF THE MONTH Yes, it's "Doug's Dirty Little Secrets" (Doug subtitled his Tech Tip as "Doug's Dirty Little Secrets" after reading someone's posted message on a guitar web forum.

Metro Detroit Musician, Entertainer, Guitarist, Singer ...

Metro Detroit Musician, Entertainer, Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter Joe Hassell is a skilled, independent artist with a deep-seated conviction and energy in his writing.

BOSS SD-1 Mods

Note: These images show you how to connect the transistors for the mosfet mod -- there are 3 legs on them, and only one of the legs are used. I simply cut and remove the unused leg.

Virginia Luque, Guitarist

Virginia Luque, Guitarist Virginia Luque plays classical and flamenco music in a Spanish romantic style, combining extraordinary technical virtuosity with beautiful tone and musicianship.

What Every Guitarist Should Know: A Guide to the Prevention ...

1 What Every Guitarist Should Know: A Guide to the Prevention and Rehabilitation of Focal Hand Dystonia Jason W. Solomon Disclaimer: This article is not intended to diagnose or to definitively prevent or cure any form of injury, including focal dystonia.