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Ferno PRO Flexx™ Model 93-PST " HEAVY LIFT GURNEY"

I. Introduction The Los Angeles Fire Department is often times challenged with the emergency management of obese (bariatric) patients. Many of these heavy patients present with body weights exceeding the capacity of gurneys and equipment normally found on our Rescue Ambulances.

03-012 Elevator Gurney

... CODE INTERPRETATION Date Issued 02-10-03 Interpretation # 03-012 Topic Elevator Gurney Code Section(s) §3003.5.1(a), California Building Code (2001 ed) Requested by Mark Latham Santa Cruz Fire Department 230 Walnut Ave Santa Cruz, CA 95060 Is it the intent of Section 3003.5.1(a) to accommodate medical gurneys or ...


The former Manor House, the Hall is an impressive building that has a stone archway that has a coat of arms above it, sadly not the Gurneys. The Gurneys (Gourney) were in Winwickfromat least 1722, asa Sarah Gourneywasburied there on October 2nd, 1722.

PEMED - Gurneys and stretchers

PEMED - Gurneys and stretchers Production Engineering - Medical Equipment Division PEMED HOME 6035 E. 38th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80207 USA (303) 393-7800 FAX (303) 393


5701 Washington Avenue * Houston, Texas * Ph. 713-863-8322 * Fax. 713-863-1723 100% Natural Organic Landscape Maintenance and Pest Management "Saving the earth-one habitat at a time" Grasshoppers Scientific name : Order Orthoptera , family Acrididae Size: Adult­­1" to 3" Identification: Adults ...


FREETOWN RECONNAISSANCE REPORT TAUNTON RIVER LANDSCAPE INVENTORY MASSACHUSETTS HERITAGE LANDSCAPE INVENTORY PROGRAM Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation Taunton River Wild & Scenic Study Committee Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District

The Tree Care Guide

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The Tree Care Guide was researched and developed by Jody Rutledge on behalf of the Manitoba Hydro Forest Enhancement Program. Richard Westwood Ph.D. - U of W, Centre for Forest Interdisciplinary Research (CFIR) Roy St. Lawrence - Heartwood Arboricultural Tree & Shrub Specialists ...

Growing Asian Pears

What AreAsian Pears? What Are Asian Pears? • Apple-Pears , some folks call them, or Pear-pp Apples; some say Salad Pears, because some varieties blend so nicely into salads.

Spring Snow Crabapple - Malus 'Spring Snow'

A good tree selection for Thornton. Profuse, fragrant white flower in spring. Dense canopy. Very uniform tree.

Surgery Tables, Surgeon Chairs, Gurneys, Patient Transportation

Work efficiently, economically and timesaving perfection for eye surgery - State-of-the-Art mobile surgery chair Surgery Tables, Surgeon Chairs, Gurneys, Patient Transportation