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Lighting for Gymnasiums

Lighting for Gymnasiums — Eric Strandberg LC Above: The University of Montana Recreation Cent er with Daylight only. W ith all the new school construction going on in the region, the Lab has been asked to comment frequently on lighting for gymnas iums.

Energy savings can be realized from turning off gymnasium ...

OPTIONS FOR GYMNASIUM LIGHTING: METAL HALIDE VS. T-5 HIGH OUTPUT Estes, McClure & Associates, Inc. 1 1/26/2005 Engineering and Consulting Metal halide high-bay fixtures have long been the method of choice for illuminating gymnasiums.

Action Channel-Flex Floor System

The Action Concorde Floor System is suitable for gymnasiums, multipurpose, indoor running, dance floors and aerobics. PART 1 - GENERAL 1.01 Description A.

NYT-G-08(2)S:5/08:Taxability of Fees Paid for Pilates Classes ...

New York State Department of Taxation and Finance Office of Tax Policy Analysis Taxpayer Guidance Division NYT-G-08(2)S Sales Tax May 7, 2008 Taxability of Fees Paid for Pilates Classes and Personal Instruction at Weight Control Salons, Gymnasiums, and Similar Establishments in New York City The ...

Gymnasium & Arena Lighting

For gymnasiums, room surface finishes should have reasonably high reflectance. Minimum wall and ceiling reflectances should be 50%. Reflectances are listed in the standard order: ceiling/wall/floor.

Open-minded gym design

The gym is most likely the largest space in a typical center and there's no design rule that requires it pen-plan gymnasiums can play a key role in the multisport environment of a club or recreation center, says a leading designer of member-supported facili-ties.

(To Be Announced) Golden High School - • Welcome Old & New ...

Gymnasium Conduct Whether it is for practice or a game, the following rules will be adhered to: • A bsolutely no food or drink is allowed in the gymnasiums • Do not bounce basketballs in the hallways • Players and spectators should remain in the gym at all times other than ...

FACILITY RENTALS Community Meeting Rooms and Gymnasiums

Microsoft Word - Community Mtg Rooms and Gymnasiums fees 09.doc. FACILITY RENTALS Community Meeting Rooms and Gymnasiums Proposed Increases for 2009 and 2010 Fees and Charges Seattle Parks and Recreation proposed fee increases are based on increased cost of operation, several years of inflation ...

Occupant Load

Less concentrated areas such as conference rooms, dining rooms, exhibit rooms and gymnasiums are calculated at one person per 15 sq ft of net floor space.

Better sound for athletic facilities

Bounce the balls, not the sound Gymnasiums offer a lot of variables. "Most gymnasiums today have two, three, or four basketball courts on them-multiple courts, different sizes, somet imes with temporary dividers between them," says Lewis.