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the haldex type cr controlled response height control valve type cr valvehaldex time delayheight controlvalve for tractor and trailer air suspensions

Haldex Trailer Roll Stability (TRS)

Feedback Loop Technology Since speed impacts trailer dynamics, the Haldex TRS system controls speed at the trailer by constantly monitoring the trailer's movements.

Haldex Coupling

12 Haldex Coupling The development of the Haldex coupling is a giant step forward in modern all-wheel-drive technology. The Haldex coupling is controllable, based on the inputs the Haldex control module receives from the vehicle.

Hydraulic Division Product Overview

Haldex Hydraulics Division builds on its motion control and energy management expertise to provide products and solutions that improve vehicle performance while reducing energy consumption and emissions Proven Solution Provider Haldex Hydraulics Division offers the industry's most complete line ...


Competitive (Remanufactured) Bendix® LQ-2 Limiting Quick Release Valve 20-105 Bendix® LQ-4 Ratio Valve 20-106 Bendix® LQ-5 Bobtail Ratio Valve 20-107 Bendix® QR-1 Quick Release Valve 20-108 Bendix® QR-1C Quick Release and Double Check Valve 20-109 Inversion ...

PR and PR Plus Installation Guide - English/Spanish

Installation Instructions for the PR and PRPlus Height Control Valve Installation Guide The Haldex Precision Response (PR & PR Plus) Height Control Valves (HCV) automatically add and exhaust air from any air suspension to maintain a constant static design ride height.


Released 1/19/ 20 10 1 of 2 Haldex Innovative Vehicle Technology PRESS RELEASE Haldex Hydraulics Launches New Operations in Rockford IL Haldex Hydraulics, a global manufacturer of hydraulic gear pumps, gear motors and hydraulic power units has been operating in Rockford, IL U. S.A. since 1929 ...

Haldex Cross Wheel Drive

Haldex Cross Wheel Drive 1/11 Revised: June 20, 2007 Haldex Cross Wheel Drive Ir. Edo Drenth Technical Specialist Vehicle Dynamics Haldex Traction AB, Sweden* Historical Background Since 1998 Haldex Traction produces intelligent AWD systems.

PLC, PLCPlus and PLCSelect Trailer ABS Installation/Service ...

This feature can be accessed through a Haldex Info Center or through PC Diagnostics and the appropriate adapter. In the Event of a Malfunction:

Fleet Sheet

Genuine Haldex Valve Advantage Haldex: Haldex produces the only patented version of the former Neway CR Valve right here in the United States.